??F - Hell Train: Training (1): Data Zahard teleports to palace of spears ready to kill all of the children of Khun Eduan, but everyone is gone when he arrives.

Twenty-Fifth Baam and his team arrive at the training stage, a stage created by Hwang for the purpose of Khun Eduan training Baam. Khun Eduan proceeds to explain about his past with V, Baam's father, and tells him to get ready for training. Meanwhile, the rest of baam's team is going to get the information about the "Mirror at the End" from Data Yu Han Sung.

Team B with Data Maschenny and Data Asensio travel toward the mirror at the end, while Data Asensio explains the detail about this mirror. They are then attacked by Jeok that is travelling with the sworn enemy of Baam.

Baam starts his training with Khun Eduan, where he is taught about the different qualities of Shinsoo. In between lessons, Khun Eduan sprinkles in some information about his parents past and abilities.

Jeok orders Baam's sworn enemy to fight Data Maschenny, but he refuses, forcing Jeok to fight her himself. Data Asensio takes the fight instead and ask her to guide the rest of the team to the mirror of the end.



Naver Endnote

Wonder how many episodes will his life last.. if you are curious stay tuned for the next week..

Blog Post

Today it’s the bubble-gum lover Asensio,
whom I think will appear a lot in the next week..
 I derive a lot of character names from footballers but they do not have any connection other than the name ha ha

This episode..
The training has begun.
Baam has been frequently upgraded(?), but ^^;;
In this episode, he is directly compared to the young 10 house-heads
So I think Baam will level up regarding them as rivals..
Since Baam is a special irregular, and his companions are together on his journey
In various way, I do want to show him getting stronger.
However, I feel that the emotional level-ups which appear in many other shonen comics do not really work with the Tower of God..
So I want it to be more systematic(?),
like showing how he improves his skills more thoroughly
Anyway, since Eduan had become his mentor, I suppose he will get much stronger ^^;
Boro and Koon’s children(?) have met with Big Breeder
I think we can get to see Asensio or Maschenny’s power
For now, let’s have hopes for the next week

Last week, I had heard that there was a fan cafe member meeting so I went there
For everyone who had come, it was good to see you.
I hope you all had fun and went back to homes without a hitch

Couple years ago, I was in mood of thinking maybe I can play together
but maybe because I have become old now
It feels like maybe I can watch how these kids play ha ha ^^;
I feel this way every time but everyone is cute ha ha
Now all there is left is for me to work hard ha ha. The burden of duty is heavy
I will always try my best.

The weather has suddenly become cold,
Please take care everyone. I hope you have a wonderful Lunar New Year’s Day
I will be back next week

Thank you ^^

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