??F - Hell Train: Jahad's Data (4): Jahad lays out his term for accepting the bet against Baam, he decide where they fight, when he wins Baam have to tell him who he is, and if Baam does not show up he will kill Baam's companions. Hwang by Jahad's orders takes a companion of Baam hostage and also brings Ha Yura and her mirror fragment with him. Khun Eduan chats with Baam before the training begins and Jahad goes to kill Khun Eduan's children.

Ha Yura's backstory

Hwang asks Ha Yura if she knows who he is. Yura says she does because of the mirror fragment. Yeon Yihwa ask for Hong Danhwa's reason for helping Ha Yura. Hong Danhwa tells her that Ha Yura's mother, or rather her old self, is on the hidden floor of the Hell Express. He was given a small mirror fragment so he would not forget, but he then realised that he lost his fragment, then he proceeded to forget about what he was talking about a minute ago.

Hwang reveals that he is Ha Yura's brother, or rather a big breader that borrowed her twin brother's body. Hwang explains that Ha Yura's mother became pregnant with twins on the Hell Express with a descendant of a people cursed by Jahad, a curse that caused high probability of stillbirths. The female twin was able to escape the curse, but the male twin was destined to die. When her mother got to the hidden floor the babies stopped growing and Hwang took a notice of her. Hwang offered to change the babies fate on the hidden floor, allowing the boy to survive there and the girl could survive on the outside. She would get a mirror fragment so she could watch them both, since she did not have much choice she agreed. Both twins were born, one on the outside and one on the hidden floor. She would always have the mirror fragment so she could see both her children alive.

Ha Yura says that her mother later gave up climbing and settle in the middle area, but rumours started to spread about her giving birth to a strange child, which got her mother shunned and thrown out of the family. Yura Ha later became a regular. The last time she saw her mother, her mother gave her a mirror fragment and told her to seek the hidden floor, since her mother from the past is there. Her mother chose then to return to the Ha family. Yura Ha became a famous singer in order to keep the Ha family from harming her while climbing the tower, and she held hope her mother saw her. However, her mother was killed after returning to the Ha family, which caused her to seek revenge agaist the 10 Great Families and join FUG.

Hwang tells Ha Yura that her data mother is also dead. Hwang goes on to explain that he used saving her child as an excuse to take over the body of her twin and become the son of her mother. This was his chance to grow up as a norman boy, but he was not human, he was data. Their mother soon realized that and could not accept Hwang as her son and asked him to delete her, which he did.



Naver Endnote


Blog Post

One panel for Yihwa since I am glad to see her.
It’s been a while…
 See you again later.

This episode.. it was hard putting them all in one episode..
There were few other ways, but it would’ve disrupted the flow, so I made up my mind;;
Together with the last episode, I decided to do one episode for battle,
and one episode for summing-up.
This episode did not have fighting scenes so the lines got longer..
But I hope you enjoyed it.

The main focus is, of course Zahard and Baam
But Big Breeders are villains of this episode,
and at the same time they are special beings (data) that only exist in this episode..
So I wanted to give them some backstories..
Since it’s an episode that’s happening in the Data world, I thought,
“How about this kind of past-.”
The fact that Yura has a connection to the Hidden Floor has been previously foreshadowed for a moment,
But the first draft was a bit different from now.
It has been changed a little by little and became this story.

Data Zahard, it’s hard to get a grasp on his personality, but,
(As Eduan said,) currently the data is in strange state ha ha
You can see it as the original Zahard’s personality
is mixed with another personality that was altered by something that came from the outside..

In reality, Zahad’s character is far from seriousness or authoritativeness,
but more of a genius adventurer.
Of course, for some reason he changed after becoming the king ^^;;

From the next week, the episodes will be showing Baam’s training and confrontation?
between Koon family and Zahard’s side
I think there will be a high proportion of battles for a while.
Baam needs to upgrade diligently to survive one month after..

Anyway, the weather has gotten cold again,
please take care of your body and be careful not to catch a cold
For those whose schools have started, hope you can adjust well,
Be happy, and have a good week
I will keep working hard for Manhwa.
Thank you
See you in the next week ^^


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