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Naver Endnote

I think there will be a lot of blue in the future.

Blog Post

This is season 2 ep 280's postscript.

I had to let my grandmother go and work on the manuscript, so I barely slept for this week.
Even for people whom you already knew they are going to pass away anytime,
when the moment actually comes, it seems it's difficult to accept.
But I will believe that my grandmother went to a good place, and myself will work even harder in here ^^

Anyway, the world of ToG is still going forward this week.
This week again, I showed the Hidden stage and Baam alternatively
The new guy Asensio looks like is telling everyone 'I am Spear Bearer.'
Up to this point, there were many unconventional characters (Rak, Ran) for the Spear Bearer position
So I wanted to show at least one traditional spear bearer character.
It is highly possible that Asensio will appear in future episodes as well

For Baam's side, whether Koon and Yu Hansung's duo (..) is up to a crucial role...
Either Endorsi's archenemy is a pervert or not..
And what kind of guy is new Big Breeder... There will be many things awaiting for you in the next episode.
Since the story is proceeding with quests it feels a little slow
But for the moment, I want the readers naturally feel like they are joining with the characters' journey.
Now that I have spread all the pieces and the story is coming to the point where it will get some momentum
It is going to be more exciting for you soon I think

That's all for today.
I will return with ToG's world next week again
Take care during cold weathers,
I hope this week was wonderful as well
It is my wish that there will be lots of happy things for you and me.

Thank you ^^

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