??F - Hell Train: Khun Edahn (2): T.B.A.



Naver Endnote

Grape mania ready to scramble.

Blog Post

Hi, this is SIU.
Due to my family issue, it is difficult for me to write a long postscript.
For those of whom were waiting, I am so sorry.

This episode featured the story of team Baam and Eduan.
It looks like there is a possibility where this world’s Eduan have a confrontation with Zahard.
Big Breeder and Eduan’s stories will probably be continued in the next week.
I wonder who’s the new Big Breeder..
I hope you will be exited about what will be the next stories

Also, My dear grandmother, whom had always protected me and helped me
I hope you rest in peace.
I love you.

I will try to come up with an interesting story and postscript
In next week as well
Please take care, and have a nice week

Thank you

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