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It’s season 2 ep 278.

I did this simple drawing for this episode as usual..
Personally I had a lot of stuffs going on around me
But I am trying to stay focus on work restlessly as much as possible.

Data that looks like the God of Grape? .. has appeared.
Perhaps his name is Koon Eduan..
Anyway.. because this is a younger version it is different from the future version..
But Baam’s party might as well change gradually.
Koon Eduan as data looks like sprite haha.
Well, the reason why he was holding grapes when made the appearance,
is because one of the gods who became an inspiration for Eduan is Dionysus.. so,
Among the 10 house heads, he is the one in charge of dissipation,
hedonism, womanizing, charming look + combat etc etc.

I did not tell you previous stories because of Eduan’s
Rakoonbaam traveling stage together. It has been a long time.
You can probably see this complete trio for a while.
The upcoming Big Breeder and stuff.. Some kind of confrontation
From Yu Hansung and Bamsung’s side.. might be forming as well.

In any case, with data of Koon Eduan’s debut..
Hoping for you to enjoy the Hidden Floor’s episodes and the road to the main story
I will end this postscript here. I guess I have to push myself harder.

So have a good week
Let’s see you next week

Thank you ^^

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