??F - Hell Train: The Hidden Hidden Floor (1): Rachel confronts Chung about this "VR device", which he brushes off as just a game, she is not convinced. Everyone watches as Rose takes her last breaths, letting Batis grieve for his loved one. Afterwards Yu Han Sung explains about the other way to pass the level and the true nature of the Big Breeders. Rachel gets more information out of Chung and tells him to make her an avatar so she can be a Big Breeder.



Blog Post

From now on I will be the new translator bunny.
 AdiosCorea the translator turtle has stepped down. Please appreciate the hard work he had done for everyone :)

Please note that I might be using different English words from what adios used to translate for the same Korean word. In any case if confusion arises, please leave a comment.

Hi, this is SIU.
My body is in very bad shape, and something happened recently
so I had not been able to follow my regular schedule
So I will just write a concise postscript without the request
I am sorry.

Um.. although I do not think that this episode is going to be a turning point
for the Hidden floor arc
It will be a chance to connect closer to ToG's main story.
Upcoming stories might seem unrelated,
but somehow they will all connect back to the main story...

That is what I have in mind right now.
Since the setting is a multiverse, it might have more elements like that.
You might feel unease with the current episode that has a bit driven away from the main story.

The stories about this Hidden Floor
Will eventually become an opportunity to make connections with 10 house heads and stories
That is how I am thinking about it.
Anyhow, the characters that rule ToG's large chunks of stories are very far away from Baam
I am hoping to make more connections and stuff and progressing
the current episode with that kind of thought
With that consideration, maybe others can hold a bit longer..
Still, I try not to feel too much pressure. Haha..;;

ps. About the Batis's song in today's episode,
honestly, I did not have the skill.. (sigh)
The first draft of lyrics just sounded too much like pop music,
so I threw it away and made it more like the old school,
I think lyricists are amazing.

Even though I endlessly tried to show best of my self and am confident that
I had never slacked off At some point when I looked back,
to the point that I cannot handle,
there seems to be a heavy burden of anticipation or resentment that had built up.
I feel little scared..
Even though there are some stuff I could not really take care,
and mistakes I had made As a human being,
my hope for more generous understanding grows.

I guess this is quite difficult, in reality,
webtoon is something that is read and made to enjoy.

I wish there will be more joyful things in future.

I will see you in next week ^^
Have a good week.

And thank you.

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