??F - Hell Train: The Hidden Floor (8): The Big Breeder 'Chung' welcomes the team as he tells them they will face the 'Mother Long-Tailed Tit" champion. Meanwhile, Baam, Yu Hansung and Androssi are trying to escape the Quarantine Area. 

Baam, Yu Hansung and Androssi, along with Batis, escape the Quarantine Area by using the "Shinwonryu"



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his request is from 산도-nim, Howimusa Viole (TN: No idea what this is exactly referencing).
The clothes look a bit big on Viole hehe.
Since I'm getting a lot of Viole and Koon requests,
the next few set of requests I'll take only from non-main characters. ^^

This chapter...
The moment Baam arrives he's in trouble hehe.
It's not that I have fun giving Baam a hard time,
but I don't plan on giving him an easy life.
He's kinda like Cinderella in that he gets thrown around here and there and suddenly he appears.
I think that suits him more.
Well, keep working at it Baam!

Divine Whirpool is kind of become a master key to any puzzle games it seems.
It's a special power, but one Baam is still rough with.

The relationship between Vatis and the Mayor...
I didn't know if I should have said something then proceed,
or just say it this chapter,
but because of the sheer size of Vatis's initial dialogue,
and to focus on the strife between Big Breeder and Vatis,
and the problem of the Freedom to Sing,
I chose to place his relationship with Mayor (Rose) here.
And I hoped it would help amplify the upcoming arc ^^;

The weather's gotten very cold recently,
I hope you guys are staying healthy.
They're offering flu vaccines, so please get those,
and I'm hoping to go myself when I have time,
but... I don't have time ㅠㅠ

Anyway, stay healthy,
and next week I'm come back with Baam heading towards Big Breeder,.
Thank you. Have a good week and see you next week ^^


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