21F - FUG (1): In the Regulars' residential area on the 21st Floor (also known as the "White Cichlid Floor") 1 month after the 20th Floor test, Yeon Yihwa is seen talking to one of her acquaintances, Ryuah. Yeon is praised for how she climbed the Tower so quickly. Ryuah assumes her teammates are from noble families, but Yeon denies her assumption and says even though her teammates aren't from noble families, they are good people. She then boasts of how she saved her team from failing and continues doing her best. Ryuah diverts the conversation toward the rumours regarding the new FUG Slayer candidate. According to them, Viole is a huge person with monstrous strength, long hair, piercing eyes, goes around with his evil friends demanding protection money and harasses women. Ryuah warns Yeon to be careful of herself because those people might also harass her.

After meeting with Ryuah, Yeon went back to the room where she and her teammates are staying. As she goes to the kitchen to get some water, Hon Akraptor notices that Yeon is not in a good mood. She asks where Viole was, to which Akraptor said that he went to the shopping district to meet someone alone. Yeon criticizes him since she believes the rumours surrounding him are true. Ja Wangnan casually walks in and says he doesn't think that Viole is a bad person from the team's time together. Furthermore, he rented the house with his own money, does the cleaning and laundry like everyone else and cooks really well. Yeon still isn't convinced and storms out of the house to follow Viole and confirm the rumour about him.

Yeon is in the shopping district and sees Viole walking inside a karaoke bar. She thinks he might try extorting money from the place, but they both hear a scream as Viole is walking in.

A big guy wearing a black shirt with the words "FUG football club" on it and a mace on his right hand is demanding the waitress with blonde-hair to give him some money. He introduces himself as Viole and threatens to unleash FUG on the bar if she doesn't comply. Hwa Ryun, another worker there, is disappointed to see the famous new Slayer that everyone was talking about is a "smelly pig". The guy snaps and attacks Hwa Ryun with his mace when the Viole hits him with a blast of Shinsoo. When Viole introduces himself as the real one, everyone except Hwa Ryun flees the bar. Yeon quickly enters and asks what Viole was doing. She is confused to see him simply standing there beside Hwa Ryun.



Blog Post

Hwa Ryun came out.

Because I haven't drawn [her] for a month, drawing the Wangnan team, I struggled(...)

This arc is planned to proceed in the format of Present + Reflection on the past.
Of course I can't tell you what will happen,
but it seems information on FUG and Viole's past will be revealed sooner than you all think.

But actually, my thoughts on story progression speed differ greatly from what you readers think,
so I can't guarantee anything ^^;;

Personally, I find it difficult to get into the minds of characters like Yihwa,
maybe because of that, there is a slight awkwardness to her dialogue and actions.
It could be my limits as a male artist...
I will try but it seems it is not an easy problem to solve.

The weather is hot in Korea so watch your health.
See you next week ^^

Notes and Trivia

  • Though Wangnan's team is shown, Horyang does not make an appearance in both the chapter and the four next chapters to come. This might be because, as Miseng mentions, "some [members] went to check on our rivals for the next exam".
  • Quant's face appears on the karaoke bar's front sign.