??F - Hell Train: The Hidden Floor (5): The village head Dee asks Khun to defeat the demons from the Fruit of Good and Evil to bring peace to the village. Khun accepts because he thinks it's a requeriment to clear the stage and go up. Khun's group starts doing quest to gain Good deed points, this way they can do the main quest and defeat the Fruit of Good and Evil.

Batis and Hansung Yu bring Androssi and Baam into the seed after saving them from the Big Soldier. Batis mentions that Baam must be a threat to 'them', since Big Soldiers are not normal.

Batis explains Baam what happens when the Heroes from the Outside of the Quarantine Area clean the stage, remarking that they don't have much time to get out before getting eaten by the giant or buried underground. He tells Baam about the Big Breeders, and that he was put into the Quarantine Area after telling the truth about the Big Breeder's behaviour.

Chapter ends with a Big Breeder talking with Zahard about the new heroes. Rachel can be see lying on a bed at the Big Breeder's place.



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