??F - Hell Train: The Hidden Floor (4): While Baam fights his Sworn Enemy, a giant soldier appears and forces them to retreat. Once they are in solid ground again, Batis appears to keep Baam's sworn enemy in check.

Khun's group made it to the Town, and reunite with Sachi Faker and Boro.



Blog Post


The request is Koon with a spear,
as requested by someone a while back (can't find who it was though, sorry) ^^
This time I went for an impressionist style of coloring.
You'll probably get to see Spearbearer Koon some time hehe.
I'm still taking requests.

Hmmm... Regardless.
As you can tell if you read this week's chapter,
the setting is based on the fantasy games or novels of old,
so there should be a lot of familiar themes.
Since I was a part of Korea's first generation of (TN: western) fntasy genre consumers,
so this is me showing sentimentality to what I experienced at first.
When I think back,
the fantasy novels back then have more of a sense of adventure and excitement for a new world,
so I've been trying to emphasize that.
Entering another world, the world viewed as a tiny human, monsters...
I have a limit to how much of that I can draw out though hehe.

Of course, the story will follow the main event,
but I'm trying to look for something I can draw happily and make my heart race, regardless of opinions.
I can't have that and the standard of success deviate from each other,
and even if they were different to begin with,
I can't choose not to go the path I must follow ^^;
Hehe, that's a lot of personal chatter.
I just think a lot about the relationship between the work, myself and you guys.

Viole as the nemesis is in some ways a scar on Baam,
and I was hoping that this arc I can resolve the conflict between them a bit.
This isn't something that Baam can just cut down with a "whoosh!!"...
So Baam's nemesis is not as much "strong enemy" but more of this stinging feeling in the corner of your heart.
Definitely that needs a lot of time regardless ^^.

Well, this is the beginning of a new story,
so I hope you guys read this webtoon like I did in the days of old, a small hope.
I need to do my job well for that,
and well... I'll try my best ^^;;

Well, I hope you guys have a good week this week too, and see you guys next week ^^

Thank you ^^

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