??F - Hell Train: The Hidden Floor (1): The same moment Karaka attacked Baam, the Master Key opened the door to the Hidden Floor, saving Baam and letting all the regulars inside, but not Miseng who was being hold by Karaka.

Once inside the Hidden Floor, the Scale of the Past appears to determine where are they going to be, as well as their Sworn Enemy. Wangnan is sent to the King's Crandle, while Baam is sent to the Quarantine Area given that he poses a threat to the Floor by not having a past. By the time Androssi finds Baam, he was already being taken to the Quarantine Area, this way Androssi ends up going to the same place with Baam.

Rak gets reunited with Koon inside of the Hidden Floor and Baam and Androssi are saved by Yu Hansung at the quarantine area.



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This week, it's RaKoonBaam in a "summer horror" special theme by rimina101-nim 1 .
I just wanted to draw one guy, but since it felt off I decided to draw all three.
I take one request every week, so please do send me your request^^

I do crave horror stuff during summer, but trying to time a horror-themed episode is harder
than you think it would be. But I'm thinking of doing a horror-themed arc next summer....
that's what I always think ^^; Although to be fair I'm not talented in that direction,
and I can't watch horror stuff easily, so I doubt that I can even think about drawing horror stuff.
I was looking up some pictures about "maiden ghosts" but I had to abort mission and close the tab hehe.
Anyway I hope I'm still up next year haha. The future of a long-running webtoon,
which has the lifeforce of a fly.... where it will go! I guess that alone is horror enough I guess... ;;;

Anyway, this chapter did end up fairly long. It wasn't meant to be a chapter this long,
but since I had this desire to give this "brave new world" mood in each arc, so I end up
filling in all sorts of items and descriptions and everything... hahaha.
It's difficult to find the path of a true fantasy webtoon.
I don't think the genre should dictate your writing, but I do want to show off "Yeah,
I'm the type of an author who does this!" at times. It's not easy though.

So that's why this chapter got long, and a lot of different stories are flowing. RaKoon reunion,
the rediscovery of the Instant Coffee Machine incarnate in the Hidden Floor, etc.
This is all in passing towards the more important stories,
but I hope these little stories or narrative elements along the way brighten up your day.

Actually, as weekly uploads go on, I find myself thinking more and more
"Rather than focusing on the overall joy of reading, let's just draw enough
so people are excited for the next issue" at times. I try to find a good compromise in between those.
Ideally it would be "I can't wait for the next chapter, but this chapter was also quite fun" kinda feeling.
It's really hard. Realistically speaking, trying to do both in a weekly release comic
with a linear narrative is rather impossible, I think to myself. But I hope you guys can overlook that haha.

Actually I always speak like I know something, but that's only my intent,
and I think often to myself that I'm not that good, so I feel ashamed at times.
I can't always do good, and I feel like I've done more bad than good in many days.
If you look at just my afterwords I look like a great writer,
but I'm not always that great haha...

Anyway, gotta work hard next week.

What will happen to Baam co. and Maxim Coffee sensei... Will Rak and Koon be able to escape their monster?

Everyone have a good week, and I'll see you in the next one!

Thank you ^^

TN NOTES: 1: Horror stories are a summer thing in Asia, unlike the west where fall is the time for horror.
2: "Maiden ghosts" are a trope in Korea where a maiden who dies a lonely death becomes vengeful upon the mortal realm and attacks people.


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