43F - Hell Train: New Power (4): Wangnan recounts his past to Karaka, after noticing the Zahard ring on his finger, and asks for answers but Karaka denies him information until he got his ring back. Just then Baam and his allies enter, to Karaka's surprise, and Yuri immediately dives in to attack. As Karaka goes for Baam, who had predictably moved to save Miseng, the master key suddenly begins glowing and the door to the Hidden Floor begins to open...



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Not too many requests this week, so here's a doodle. I'm taking requests weekly,
and I'll draw fun (and easy) suggestions for you guys ^^
Please send it to be in the comments (TN: OR SIU's TWITTER)

As you guys who read my weekly afterwords know but whenever the seasons are shifting
I get sick, so I've had a tad bit trouble. Although I'm working to provide maximum work on a weekly basis,
whenever work is delayed by this kind of stuff, I get the chills ^^;;
I'm not like the new webtoon creators in having plenty of back up chapters drawn up,
so if an emergency happens my body really suffers hehe.

Anyway, to talk about this chapter: We have a bit more of our buddy Wangnan's past.
I wrote in the afterwords last week, but Wangnan and the ring is a story that is going to be extremely drawn out.
Later, of course, it will become a main story arc, but right now, I'm still building up to it.

I've been getting a lot of questions on how you get food in the Train,
and to answer that: The Train is a place designed for the training of Zahard and
the Ten Warrior's training, so food, clothing, and quarters are all provided by the train.
Although due to progression and time I couldn't show you all of it,
but all of life essentials can be obtained from the train.
Perhaps I may cover it in a side story ^^ someday, I hope.

Karaka and Yuri seem to be at odds in the train, but skills wise
Yuri obviously is the winner currently. However, Karaka's sorcery has unique aspects and
Karaka holds secrets that make this a fairly even match... yes.

The Train as a whole is a Regulars' Zone, so Karaka or Yuri can't really attack the Regulars,
but this particular room is an exception. This was explained before in Karaka's dialogue to an extent,
so that explains why Karaka was so intent on making Wangnan bring Viole into this room.

Next week marks the beginning of the Hidden Floor. The Hidden Floor... hm...
It's actually a place where I want to tell a few stories I haven't been able to tell until now,
or talk about the Tower's secrets, or the story that the Regulars have...
It's a place where you can meet a diverse set of stories. I hope you guys enjoy ^^

Well, have a good week, stay healthy, and I hope to see you next week.

Thank you!!

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