25F - The Wool's Knot (3): This is the twenty-fifth chapter of Volume 2 of Tower of God. It is revealed that Khun had suspected Rachel killed Baam for a long time.


After Baam "died" six years ago, Khun met up with Leesoo and told him that Rachel deceived everyone. Leesoo thinks he's crazy, but Khun reveals how Lero-Ro secretly called a doctor to fix Rachel's legs; however, it turns out they were perfectly fine all along. He doesn't know why she would trick them, though he suspects a connection between her and Yu Han Sung during the test. Khun then proposes a plan to split the team in two - he would take Rachel and form another team later while the rest would continue climbing. Finally, he tells Leesoo not to tell others of the betrayal because it would break the team Baam held dear.

Novick proceeds with the ranking game. Edin joins in, but the other three immediately forfeit. He is quickly pulverized, and the game continues with Novick and Ran battling for first place.
The team returns to the hut and meets with Khun, who laughs at their uniforms. It turns out Ran beat Novick in battle, but the latter ordered shirts thinking that he would come out first. Despite this, purchasing the outfits was a good thing as Khun just signed up everyone for the next test.

As the sun begins to set, Khun reveals his intent in climbing the Tower. He announces that he'll overtake Khun Eduan and become the new Family Head. In addition, he wants the members to look after Rachel and protect her, but never to get too emotionally attached.

In her room, alone, Rachel is lying in her bed when she begins to laugh hysterically...



Naver Endnote

The next Effie[1] is a pug.

Blog Post

Knot of Wool has ended.
I pondered on how to draw this chapter a lot.
Above all else, I had to draw so that even young readers could understand the relationships between Khun and Rachel, and Baam as well,
and that was a difficult problem...
I think I often run into my limits when I try to solve you readers' problems 'easily'.

Khun Eduan's name was finally mentioned in this chapter,
and I think the day when we'll see the faces of the 10 Family Heads isn't that far away.
However, that doesn't mean they'll all appear at once and go "We are the 10 Heads!! Tadah!!" or anything like that.

Next arc, stories about FUG will come out and Viole will appear again...
next chapter isn't that long either.
This arc had few action scenes, so even if it's just for fun,
I plan to increase the importance of action scenes in the next arc.

It's the Olympics these days so I often tune in to the games when I'm working.
And then I get too focused on them so I can't work(...)
And then thanks to those damned monkeymagic referees I can't work even more(...)
So I have decided to not watch and just check the results.... T-T T-T

However, I am always cheering them on in my heart.
National athletes hwaiting~!

Notes & Trivia

  • This chapter is the last part of the Knot of Wool arc, but was renamed to Connecting Fences by The Company. GoDai stated the reason for this in the chapter: "The original Korean was ambiguous. We translated it as “Knot of Wool” as that made the most literal sense, but now we believe that SIU took the poetic route, and “Completing Fences” is a more accurate translation." However, to avoid confusion for new readers the name has returned to 'The Wool's Knot'.


  1. Effie is a member of the girl group C-Real, which was popular at the release of this chapter.
  2. SIU Blog Post
    Translation by Unknown on Google Docs


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