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43F - Hell Train: The Floor of Death (27): Chapter starts with Rak staring at his pray with a little girl saying that he can't take on an enemy that strong. Rak recalls that he got caught in Yuri's attack and the next thing he remembers is waking up on that place.

Gustang give the souls back to the Spirit Room and the inhabitants of the Floor of Death wake up.

While having a private conversation, Gustang tells Baam that he wants to test him to see if Baam is destined to take the thorn, climb and change the tower. Gustang reveals that he knows Arlen and that they suited well to each other, but he won't talk about Baam's father, only that he was the worst person he ever met.

Gustang offers Baam one favor, and Baam asks him to cure Rachel. Once Gustang does that, they leave to talk about what Gustang wants from Baam.

The favor that the Family Head wants from Baam is to retrieve an Item from the Hidden Floor, after explaining how the Hidden Floor works, Gustang tells Baam that the item would be guarded by the Data of Young Zahard. As a reward for retrieving the item, Gustang will unseal the second fragment of the thorn for Baam.



Blog Post


Hello, this is SIU.

Today's request is Hell Joe in Arsenal uniform,
as requested by 만세송-nim.

I thought someone would give me the request because most of Hell Joe's servants are named from Arsenal-related names...
[Insert untranslatable sports-related pun/joke here (feat. a gallon of Adio's tears)]
Anyway, they're a famous Premier League team and I like them ^^;
I gave them names not because I didn't particularly like the team,
but out of a friendly diss.
I'm still accepting uniform + character requests.

This chapter released a lot of content.
And as the first revealed of the 10 Fam,
he's a character with extreme influence over the entire story.
In the overall narrative,
he's a villain as well...
He's got a lot of personal history,
so be on the look out for that.

The reveal of the second Thorn fragment was something I debated a lot.
I wanted to either elaborate on the story
but I also thought about cutting the lore and going straight to the Thorn Fragment.
I chose the latter and expanding the lore later.
I felt that would be more ToG-esque,
and there are some things better said in the continuing Hidden Floor Arc.
I thought if there were some things missed in the Floor of Death,
I can show in the Hidden Floor.
Annd... there was also idea that too long of arcs hurt the work as a webtoon.

Regardless, the Floor of Death and the Hidden Floor is like a 2 for 1 set of arcs.
They're leading into the thick of the plot perhaps as well...
And this arc you'll get to see more of the characters that didn't get spotlighted in the Floor of Death.

I've been trying to manage my body more lately,
but that's not easy.
So I feel like I'm a really inefficient author... ^^;;
It's good that you get results with quality proportional to effort put in,
but you can't help wishing for a miracle where good results come to you like luck even when you are tired.
This is why you need to keep your body and mind healthy.
Or something like that.
So I'll try to rest up more when I need to.
Of course, that's hard when you are greedy ^^;

Well, stay healthy,
have a good week,
if you are a student, I hope you wrap up your semester well but don't overwork yourself in the heat,
I hope none of you are facing hardships,
I know there has been some areas damaged by floods.

See you all next week.

Thank you for this week so much ^^

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💖💖💖💖💖 5/5 45 86.54%
❤️❤️❤️❤️ 4/5 2 3.85%
👍👍👍3/5 2 3.85%
😒😒2/5 0 0.00%
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💩💩💩💩💩0/5 3 5.77%



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