43F - Hell Train: The Floor of Death (25): White finishes absorving the souls on the Floor of Death and Karaka suggest that they sould avoid a possible confrontation with Urek Mazino to get to the train safely and absorb the last clone.

Urek, Yuri and the regulars decide to go to the spirit room to see what happened after watching all the inhabitants suddenly die in front of them.

After arriving to the Spirit Room and seeing that Karaka and White were already gone, Hwa Ryun informs Urek about the existance of a path known just by FUG. Regardless, Karaka uses a different path,

Garam threatens Evan to not tell about her whereabouts but he says that he won't do that because it would mean to ruin a path on the tower. Garam reveals that the one that helped her survive that long and mantain the Floor of Death as it is, is one of the Ten Family Heads

Just before getting out of the Floor of Death, White meets a Family Head.



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Hello everyone this is SIU ^^

I'm sure you guys are all very surprised about the hiatus announcement...
Well, there's a few reasons why I'm taking the week off.

Firstly, I'm not feeling well. I felt the need to take a moment to rest especially because I have problems
in my back and shoulder. And I get one paid break a year, so after a chat with the editor, I thought this would be a good moment to take a week off. I do have work saved up with the preview chapters (TN: read note 1), but if I burn through them, I have to arrange a +2 month hiatus... I thought that taking a week off for now would be good for the readers... so that's been decided. I hope you guys aren't too concerned ^^.

You'll have to wait one more week for the next chapter, I would be grateful for your patience.

On this chapter...
We have the head of one of the Ten Families.
This is Gustang's second appearance since the Workshop Battles. Perhaps we'll get to see a Ten Family head meddle with the story directly... White has terrible luck when it comes to encountering opponents, it seems. He was so happy because he got power hehe. The White you see here is not quite his perfect form. Since the the clone that is the core and source/essence of the power is in the train ^^; So he's still nowhere near as powerful. White's pretty even though he's evil hehe. he's the male char that I have to focus on when drawing. Koon's already so hard to draw, but White's up there too...

When I was drawing the bamboo spear scene this week, I had a struggle. I wanted White to look more... elegant? But also stronger. Having those two thoughts, I decided it to be restrained and "passing" in feel. I'm not sure if that was effective.

Well, we're faced with a head of the Ten Families so it may not matter whether White is strong or not....
It's a mystery ^^; Be on the look out for that.

Hmm... Since next week's break I'm feeling pressured. Every time I take a hiatus I always have to worry about how the readers will take it, how it will impact the work... I have to wrestle with those thoughts every time. I hope everyone will just be patient for one more week, with a good heart...

Well, then see you the week after the next one
Stay happy everyone,
Thank you!

TN NOTE 1: Previews. They're a thing Naver does for Koreans. If you see anyone talk about finding chapters beyond the official Line/Naver release, please report them. We support the official release here, and even if you somehow buy it SIU has specifically asked people not to publicly discuss the preview releases.

TN NOTE 2: Not up there but as a general note, White is made of "clones", which is from "분신 (Bunshin)" Naruto uses the Japanese equivalent to describe various clones in the series. Of course, you all know White's isn't really made up of clones, so you may not quite understand how that makes any sense. Well, the answer is that bunshin technically doesn't mean "clone" but literally "Separate body (that belongs to the subject)". So that's what I try to imply when I use clone in the context of White's constitution/make up.

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