43F - Hell Train: The Floor of Death (24): Hoaquin arrives to the Spirit Room and uses his spell to take the souls that are stored.

Urek offers Baam to join Wolhaiksong and says that they accept people from Jahard's Empire, from the 10 Families and even from FUG.

Baam gets reunited with Khun and the rest of his companions. Khun tells Baam about what happened with Rachel at the castle. Irure helped stoping the poison from speading.

Hockney gets his eyes back from Hell Joe and shows him that without the Red Thryssa he is just the same as every other person.

Hoaquin absorbs the souls of the inhabitants of the Floor of Death.



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The afterwords for chapter 255.
As requested last week it's Rak in the Chelsea shirt (it's an older uniform though hehe) I debated between putting in Lampard or Ballack's number, went with Lampard. I'm thinking baseball again next week...

The week goes fast these days. Due to the nature of my job, my schedule is set on a weekly block. I have the most fantastic experience of jumping from deadline to deadline hehe;;
so I'm already here. I have a lot of weeks left.

So this week White did something big. Joe and Urek... hmm.... it will not be the standard ending. That was my plan regardless... In some regards Urek and Baam are similar.
They're kind and unassuming despite being so strong. But Urek's nice only to those who he likes. ^^;;

Actually, top Rankers don't care about the lives of Regulars or even lower Rankers.
It's like they live in their own world... they have their own goals,
I mean. But if they haven't reached their goal as the top Rankers they likely have unachievable goals usually. White is in a similar situation. So is Joe... hmm... I at times think that in order to become happy you need to let go of your greed, but also how it's meaningless to live a life without dreams. The world's so confusing hehe. I want to do don much, but can do so little, which only makes life hard for myself haha.


I've been going to therapy over the weekend because my neck and shoulder wasnt feeling well...
They tell me correct posture is important, but you can't draw in the correct posture ㅠㅠ
This chapter is like the calm before the storm, So expect a storm next... chap...ter?
Be on the look out ^^
Everyone stay healthy, stay happy, have a good week, and see you next week^^

Thank you!! [1]

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