43F - Hell Train: The Floor of Death (23): With a little help from Baam, Urek eliminates the Red Thryssa while Hwa Ryun finally gets her hands on the mystic ladle. Meanwhile, Hoaqin stumbles upon the souls of the Spirit Room...



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This is the afterwords for Season 2 Chapter 254.

I'll be doing a series on characters in sports teams starting today.

We'll start with St. Louis Cardinals, the MLB team currently popular in Korea because of Oh Seunghwan.
That's actually not their uniform, but I had a Cardinals shirt at home so I used that as a base hehe.
If you have a character and a team you wanna see together,
reply here and I'll consider it.

This chapter... a conclusion to the fight between the Red Bari and Urek.

Self-destruction, a major staple move in enemy characters brings another bad end.
Don't self-destruct kids!
This arc I focused more on the scale than detailed combat so I focused on that kind of imagery.
It was fun, and a good exercise of what I would be drawing in the future.
It was a way for me to establish how to draw in the "Tower of God" style (lots of hard work).
Always working hard even with shortcomings.
Of course, combat between Regulars will be more detailed and dense, I wound think.
Also it was a good chance to look into the voice/demon Baam heard since the beginning of the Hell Train Saga.
Keep an eye on that.

So Red Bari got mopped up by Urek, but White, closer to being Baam's arch-enemy is targeting the Room of Souls.
Will White get whiter?
If he gets any paler he's gonna be like flour hehe.
Stay tuned everyone!

We're now entering summer.
2017 is already half through.
There has been some difficulties, but drawing manhwa is still fun.
I always try to greet you guys with the best work I can make.
I hope you guys enjoy each chapter ^^

There's a new claw machine place by my house, so I've given it a shot whenever I passed it by, but I haven't gotten a single one...
perhaps making a claw machine place would give more profits, I daydream.
If you wanna make ToG dolls, let me know... hehe.
I want to make Rak dolls personally.

Well, have a happy week, stay healthy,
and I'll be back next week with Hoaqin.
Thank you ^^

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