43F - Hell Train: The Floor of Death (20): Urek has a conversation with Hell Joe about why did he change so much since the last time they met, when Urek gave him the Red Thryssa.

While Hell Joe prepares to fight, Urek says to Baam that they need to run, since he can't use Shinsoo. Hockney helps Baam dodge Hell Joe's attacks, and after a while Urek decides to stop to talk to him.

Hell Joe starts telling Urek about the events that had happened at the Floor, how he tried to use the power of the Red Thryssa to help the people and leave the floor by sharing their powers. De Sah, after hearing Hell Joe's plan, labeled him a traitor and proposed the Ladle to be given to the youngest member of the De Sah Family.

De Sah convinced Hell Joe to decide the next leader through a vote. Hell Joe compited againt's De Sah's youngest child, and he lost. After this events, Hell Joe planned a coup and drove De Sah out of his city, regardless De Sah broke the ladle that Hell Joe wanted.

Khun's group meet Grand De Lee while trying to steal the ladle and get attacked. Hwa Ryun reveals the truth about the Floor of Death and how De Sah and De Jah betrayed the inhabitants of the floor by turning everyone that wanted to leave into Leechs Guardians.

De Lee tries to kill Khun but Rachel stops him, saying that if he killed them Baam would never forgive him. She tries to convince De Lee to give the ladle to Khun but De Lee decides that she would have to die too.

Baam dodges a close attack with the help of Hockney. Urek asks if Baam can still fly and says that he just has to hit him once, while taking off the anklet.



Blog Post


This is the afterwords for season 2 episode 251.

Here's a simple doodle to start the day.
When I was in college I wasn't the type to think of such comic imaginations...
but perhaps because I'm a comic artist or because my life is so meh,
I imagine or hope "What if a day was 48 hours?" or "What If I had two bodies?"
Now that I think of it they all relate back to time or deadlines...
What has my life become...

Regardless, I do imagine often having two bodies.
Perhaps that would let me have a barrier between normal self and author self.
Like most whitecollar workers I hope that I have a separate work life and personal life.
Just work in moderation, and the other times I can develop myself, go drinking weekends, get some sleep, would be so nice.
But I'm realizing authors don't get to do that ^^;;
It's become impossible for me to imagine myself not drawing Tower of God...
That's what I think about.

On to the chapter...
Urek's ankle bracelet has been undone.
That looks suspect, but regardless.

One of the aspects I worried most about was on the Floor of Death was How powerful to set Urek/High Rankers.
I had that problem because:

  1. The Floor of Death is a very dangerous place for even Rankers
  2. But due to the story structure, I can't have High Rankers look weak yet.

Those two were conflicting.
As an author I have to stick to my settings and show a lot,
but I have to also consider the narrative and the longevity of the work.
So that's how Joe came to be.
Joe is currently very powerful but he has a weak side on the level of Regulars,
so he felt like a good fit as the enemy.
And Urek became the enemy,
not because balance or the flow of the battle
but more like how Joe-Urek's story is solved.
I wanted that to be more of a focus, I had thought

Well... hehe...
You'll see plenty of Urek and Joe going boom boom next episode ^^;;
Narrative is hard.

On Hell Joe,
Hell Joe is indeed from Hell Joseon hehe.
Actually, before starting on Floor of Death I asked mysef:
"The Floor of Death is supposed to be a really hellish and dangerous place.
What kind of place would it be like?
A place that looks like there's deadly dangerous everywhere, a lawless place?"
I thought of it but that's too common of a concept,
I haven't lived in such a place,
and I can only get so far without either moving up the webtoon's age ratings or make it tacky.
If I went that too-obvious route, would it be fun...
those were my thoughts.
So I looked around myself to find what would accurately depict the Floor of Death, and...
eventually that led to Hell Joe.

Sounds a bit obvious,
but this is perhaps a different story to the Floor of Death than what you guys were thinking....
Those where my thoughts.
Hell Joe's story will continue next week ^^;
The fight with Urek was a hard draw, but I hope you enjoy.

Well stay happy,
have a good week.
I hope to return next like a zombie from the dead.
Thank you!

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