43F - Hell Train: The Floor of Death (18): Urek details exactly what it was he gave to Hell Joe in the past while Koon figures out Hwa Ryun's real reason for coming to Hell Joe's castle and confronts her about it.

Meanwhile Hell Joe attacks the group, causing them to flee on Garam's command. However, with Hockney revealing his visions of the future, they decide to fight back as a team in wait of someone to come to their aid.



Blog Post

Hello everyone this is SIU.I wasn't feeling too good today, so no backcover work got done ㅠ.
The backcover I promised last time will be up with the next week's blog post.
It's not my wrist as many of you would suspect, but I got a big of a cold.
Second time this year, and it's quite strong.
Since I draw with a cold I don't feel like I'm recovering quick enough.
If you work continuously for 7 years you can start to tell where your body is breaking down.
I fear if I can actually do this work for my life career, so I struggle with that idea.
I suppose that's why everyone at one point looks into how to get money without working...
And I think an important quality an author should have is not being shaken by those thoughts.
Regardless, as the years go by I can't help but wanting to give up some slack, hehe.
I keep pressing on, "You have to do this, you have to do this".
It's difficult, not sure if it's right, hehe... yeah...

Moving on to the main story... So...

We have ourselves a dream team.
This strong of a team won't be seen for sometime after the arc,
but you need it because the enemy is OP on his turf... ^^;;
So we'll see.
Urek's up to something too...

Koon... Hmm...
This part of the story connects to the upcoming arc quite solidly.
So keep an eye on it.

From Garam's story, to D'za's story, to Hell Joe's story.
Now we enter Hell Joe's story, and Hell Joe is strong for even High Ranker standards, so I have to draw it intensively.
I feel like I'll fall short but I'll try to make it look fun as I can ^^

Oh! I almost forgot but May 2nd was our beloved Hatsu's birthday!
Happy belated birthday Hatsu!!
The reason you don't show up these days is because I'm saving you for something good !! TN: uncommitted tone (Has guilty pangs)
Well, I love all my characters, but it's stronger for Season 1 characters, they're like family to me.
Baam and Rachel are basically my babies ;;
And the characters of Season 2 are more realistic for me? Or at least feels like characters of a diverse society.
Really, they're all like my children and I love em all.

I wrote more than I thought I would heheh;;
I always do this and regret it later, being sick and ranting on and on... ^^;

You guys, don't get sick.
Stay healthy and happy this week and see you in the next one. Thank you!


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