43F - Hell Train: The Floor of Death (13): Baam, Mata and Hockney are in front of the gate. Mata doesn't want to proceed and argues with Hockney. Meanwhile Rachel runs off to them and forbids Baam to proceed forward. She says that Hoaqin and Karaka will catch him so he should run away from there.

The scene changes to before Yuri's arrival. Karaka and Hoaqin discuss about going to the Spirit Room to obtain souls while Rachel finds out Hockney's location, and all of them head towards the Spirit Room. Together with Yura, Rachel deceives them and runs off to arrive there before Karaka and everyone else.

In spite of hearing her out, Baam heads towards the gate. Rachel then becomes desperate. They have an altercation, and Baam states his goal to open the last door to the final Floor of the Tower. He then tells her "goodbye", appearing to turn his back on whatever friendship they had before.

Together with Mata and Hockney, Baam leaves Rachel behind to finally enter the Spirit Room but Rachel charges in as well. They then meet Grand De Jah and Grand De Lee. De Jah mentions that his "eyes" have come. He allows Baam to take the test, alongside an insistent Rachel, who claims to be as worthy as Baam to take it.



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