43F - Hell Train: The Floor of Death (10): Garam Zahard explains to Baam how the 43rd Floor Guardian was murdered by the hands of Enryu and the current fate of the Floor's inhabitants who lost their souls. Later on, Hwa Ryun explains her grudge against Hell Joe.

An announcement is made all on the Floor of Death, in which Hell Joe will reward the invaders with the last Thorn fragment. Hearing the news, Yuri Zahard and the rest of the Regulars following her march onwards to Hell Joe's fortress.



Blog Post


Today's request is from 쩜-nim, Hwa Ryun the cop.
Since the nation is so chaotic these days
I imagine our police officers and security agents are doing a lot of hard work.
If Hwa Ryun was a cop, you'd never lose a criminal at least hehe.
Stay strong, officers ^^

Next week's theme is "the character you want to receive candy from for White Day".(1)
Just the character will do ^^

This chapter...
Enryu having a feast of red crabs;;
Rather... flashy.
Everyone wanted to see Enryu's face, so I drew in the eyes hehe.

I had trouble portraying the Administrator.
Since the Administrators of every Floor have their unique aspects,
and they all have different forms or personalities,
so there's nothing I set as "Admins are all ___"...
But since this Floor's admin is more aggressive, so I went for a more freakish feel.

Taking multiple forms in attack reminded me of a certain Chinese god.
Regardless, portraying "unbeatable" entities is difficult.

Sometimes I feel the limits of my imagination, and overcoming it is my job as a writer.
Regardless, I hope you enjoy ^^

Continuing from last week is Garam's story and Joe's declaration of war.
I was wondering how much delay (if at all) I needed to put in.
If multiple threads are in an arc at once,
I have to worry about people not understanding what's going on ^^;;
My biggest concern is since there's so much content at the beginning I'll have trouble pacing it at the end hehe.

Well, this week passes with little trouble. Next week we'll see Yuri fight next week.

Well, hope you guys look forward to next week, and have a good week and be happy!

Thank you!

Note 1: White Day, a month after Valentine's day, is Korea's secondary Valentine's day.
Valentine's day proper is about chocolates, White Day is about candy.
There's also a horror game with the same name, pretty good game made in 2000's.


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  1. Chapter Blog Post
  2. Translation by AdiosCorea on Reddit