25F - The Wool's Knot (1): This is the twenty-third chapter of Volume 2 of Tower of God. It follows Khun as he tries to recruit Edin Dan, with him eventually being successful.


Khun is currently waiting for someone at High☉Low Cafe. This person turns out to be Edin Dan, who introduces himself as a "speeder" that has never been captured by a Lighthouse. Because of his skill, a number of Regulars requested him to join their crew but he declined them all. Now he is making his living as a "hunter".

Khun asks Edin to join his team, but Edin refuses. Then Khun proposes a game: if Edin leaves the cafe without getting caught by anyone, he is free and he also gets a large chunk of Suspendium that can fit in the palm of his hand. On the other hand, if he gets caught, he has to join the team.

Edin immediately agrees, but Khun states that the entire cafe is filled with skilled Regulars that he employed. Looking around, Edin sees an emergency exit. He quickly takes his prize and dashes toward the hallway, though it turns out it's completely blocked.

Khun appears behind the speeder, claiming that everything was a bluff to lure him here and that he shouldn't trust him so easily. Khun tells him to give up, but Edin, thinking that he's been underestimated, runs off again.

Edin tells the cashier at the front to put the bill on Khun; however, the cashier was indeed working for him and immobilizes Edin with a tranquilizer. Khun once again tells him not to trust in him so easily.

Khun returns to his lodge with unconscious Dan in his Lighthouse. There are already two members in the lodging: one tall pale-skinned black-haired guy and the other is Rachel.



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Blog Post

Khun came out. It's been a while.
Rachel appeared in one scene too, haha.

The story will really begin in next week's chapter...

well... you'll know when you see it...
I have a near-complete original copy that I really want to show you.
Despite that, I hope you can wait a week.
I'm a pro so I can't show you unless you give me money.
Not the skill of a pro, but the mind of a pro!!

Anyway, after this episode, gradually you'll get the feeling of:
"Ah, so the manhwa will flow in that direction."
If not, never mind.

What's for sure is that it'll get better and better.
I think this is the most important thing.


Notes and Trivia

  • Edin Dan is just a made up name The Company used as the Korean name sounds like it. The more accepted name may come up sooner of later.
  • Apparently, Dan was a "hunter". What this entails is unknown.
  • The original name that we used for this arc was '완료 울타리' and 'Completing Fences', but this was a creative liberty on the part of The Company (Previous Translator), and does not reflect the literal name of the arc. GoDai, the previous translator, stated the reason for this in Season 2, Chapter 25: "The original Korean was ambiguous. We translated it as “Knot of Wool” as that made the most literal sense, but now we believe that SIU took the poetic route and “Completing Fences” is a more accurate translation."


  1. The original Korean '엉엉!' is the sound of crying.
  2. SIU Blog Post
    Translation by Unknown on Google Docs


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