43F - Hell Train: The Floor of Death (7): Twenty-Fifth Baam and David Hockney are granted free passage to the inner part of the Floor of Death by the High-Leech Monk. As they get deeper into it, a mysterious woman suddenly appeared and hijacked the bug called "Manyleg" which was controlled by Yuliu Mata and change the destination to the 43rd Floor North City. Meanwhile, as Ha Yuri Zahard and Evan Edrok try to escape the hordes of immortal Leech Falawan, a Red Witch provides aid and helped them to escape. As Baam, Hockney and Yuliu Mata arrive at the North City, the mysterious woman introduces herself as Garam Zahard, a Princess who disappeared a long time ago with two of the 13 Month Series and betrayed the Zahard Family.



Blog Post


This week's request was from 레아-nim, who will be entering Gyewon High School of Arts,
who requested Ehwa in her school uniform.
I drew Prince and Arkraptor together.
 I like doing school uniforms, they remind me of when I was a student...

I want to tell a high school drama story some time (it's certainly more popular keke.)
So if people ask for it I'll do it again some other time ^^

Next week will be ToG villains cosplaying as movie villains.

A side note, but I attended a small high school of arts away from the Seoul area.
I had a fun high school experience in my own right.
At first, the sunbe-hube(Senpai-hubei) hierarchy was strict, so I had trouble adjusting, but since we're all artistic oddballs,
we all had our quirks and everyone was kind so even if I wasn't adjusting well I still had good memories. If I went back, I would have studied harder though hehe.
I went to an art school, and my older sister when to a science school, so my parents would complain "both our children are strange".
But now we're living well, so that's a relief. Haha.
This isn't exactly the stable life my parents wanted for me, but I don't regret going to an art high school.

So that was all the personal story for today hehe.

This chapter we have Hell Joe.

Hell Jo briefly was mentioned in the last episode, and he's sorta the baddie of this arc ^^;

Actually, Baam's story will take up a considerable amount of the narrative,
so in order to balance Baam/Garam plot there will be more panels (starting this week...)
to please those of you who may get bored with only one plot going on.

The accent of the redhead today...
I'm not too familiar with accents, so if you live outside Seoul,
just know that it's a "strange" accent ㅠ.

When there's more panels to be drawn and more to prepare, there are places where I may make mistakes on, so I'll try to edit them if they come up.
It's really hard to raise quality on a weekly release, and although each week gets blood-curdling, I remain constantly disappointed at my own work.
If I can only do better next week~! That's my desire.

Well, have a good week ^^
Now that school's back in session everyone should be busy,
but hope you adjust well, have a happy and enjoyable week and see you again!

Thank you!


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