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43F - Hell Train: The Floor of Death (6): Yuri, Evan and the rest of the regulars encounters a horde of Leech Palawan. Meanwhile at the main entrance gate or "Hall" of the Floor of Death, the High-Leech Monk rejected Baam's request to enter the inner part of the floor after seeing the power display of Twenty-Fifth Baam and the fact that Baam has numerous souls coming out from inside his body. The fight ends when unidentified person spoke through the Eye Bug and announce that the Hermit of 43rd Floor North City, Garam Zahard wanted to meet Baam.



Naver endnote

A few days before Valentine, and bamboo spears show up..

Blog Post


Today, instead of the request I drew something for Valentine's Day!

(And by draw I mean recycle an unused panel due to lack of time...)

But to compensate I'll take school uniform request I'll take until this week and post it next week ^^.
Oh, if you mention a specific high school uniform that would be helpful when I draw them.

This week we have giant bamboo sp- I mean we have the mystery lady.
Since this was an important moment so I was stressed as I drew it.
And I was getting my nervous indigestion and I couldn't sleep either, so a lot of stress...
I am not sure how you guys will take the upcoming story,
but I will do my best to make this story the most interesting and remembered fondly.

This chapter I tried my best to pace myself in the fight scene.
I wanted to make the fight scene short and powerful, and hopefully not lacking.
Since the story needs to be in the centre for a while I need to pace myself very carefully.
This is nerve-wracking^^;

Recently I haven't been doing so well.
My eyes are not that good, and my neck-shoulder area have been aching..
Since I'm not old I thought I could push myself, but I'm more worried these days.
I need to stay healthy if I want to draw long term I feel like
I perhaps should maintain myself more.

Taking care of my body is important, but it's harder to take care of my mind as well.
I'm constantly receiving feedback, and since I'm uploading content publicly in a competitive field, it gets to me, yes.
Hehe, this is true everywhere though.
Of course what matters more is how you persevere while while drawing your story.
I can't tell the best story, but I wish to be able to tell the story that I want to convey.

Also, there's been things like spoiling the preview chapters or other illegal things.
Bad things over all. I understand how you guys may feel,
but I hope you guys remember not to discourage the content creator like such...
at least I hope.

I have many complaints it seems kekek.
I am sorry. Of course, those of you who read my blog are
usually good about this kind of stuff so I'm preaching to the choir really. ^^;

I speak like this, but I consider myself a lucky author, and I'm getting more love that I
deserve from you readers, so I just wish to catch up and return the favor.

Well, I hope you have a good week,
and I hope you guys are excited for the next week 's story.

Thank you!


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