43F - Hell Train: The Floor of Death (5): Koon deploys the Enna Core to fight against the gatekeeper's main body. Elsewhere, David Hockney, Yuliu Mata and Baam reach the High-Leech Monk, final gatekeeper of the 43rd Floor entrance.



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This week's request was Ran and Anaak, as many of you suggested.
In particular, I chose Yenn2-nim's specific pose, Ran and Anaak staring at each other.
I got a lot of good feedback for this one so I gotta do this again hehe.
Next week will be school uniforms. Two characters, school uniform of your choice...
Yeah. ^^

Previewers thought Koon too strong, SIU thought koon looked too weak. Everyone getting buff including Hatsu, so Koon gets this. Also there's secrets to this technique, more Lighthouse techniques to come from other characters as well.

The final gatekeeper based on the Four Heavenly Kings you find in Buddhist temples, he likes them, he likes going to religious buildings because good for introspection. After final gatekeeper will be main story, More to be revealed about Hockney.

Enjoy, stay safe, see you next week
Thank you!!

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