43F - Hell Train: The Floor of Death (3): Evan ponders about Baam's new technique. As the group goes deeper into the Floor of Death, both Hockney and Baam are dragged away by a current. As the group separates, ominous figures begin to appear near the two separated groups. Elsewhere, an unconscious Yihwa is shown alongside Urek Mazino and Yuje, en route to the 43rd Floor.



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This is the afterwords for Tower of God season 2 chapter 234 ^^
The request was from 따끈이-nim and hikariko doreasol-nim, Lero-ro dressed up as Pikachu. It feels good drawing them after a while hehe. Ro and Quant are both fun characters to draw. Next week's theme will be the Lunar New Year, so please request two characters ^^

We had... the one show up at the end of this chapter. He doesn't seem related, wonder why he's here hehehe... We'll know soon enough.

For now, since this is the intro to the Floor of Death, you should take your time to acclimate to this new Floor. Since Tower of God has to introduce new concepts and the new settings every arc I found that having an acclimation/exposition chapter in the arc intro helped. Actually, I have trouble with this every arc, so I do have a bit of trouble, but it also brings a sense of accomplishment, and it's also fun, so there's that ^^;

This chapter established this:
▪ Shinsoo doesn't always work
▪ They're below the a sea of blood from the Floor Guardian's corpse. They have lots of passage ways around.
▪ Something big is down here.

That should be it. ^^; But this arc should have a quicker intro than usual and we're going to get out of Baam-centric battles to the powers of his allies? Or at least start to, so I hope you enjoy.

Last week I said I had the cold, but I'm doing better this week. I get sick easily, so if you've been following the afterwords regularly you may thing "he gets sick all the time" hehe. I did have to go to the hospital because of the cold once so... But I don't get other diseases as often, so that's a relief.

Whenever I am tired or sick, I always worry about the work's quality. I have to combat myself and whatever life throws at me too, but readers have the highest expectations. But many of you worry for me and cheer me on, so I am strengthened through that. Thank you ^^ and I'll see you next week haha!

In the previews department the main story is about to start, and I need to crank out new stuff for the main release too so I won't have much time to take a break this week ^^

Well, have a good week everyone, and I'll see you in the next one.
Thank you ^^


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