43F - Hell Train: The Floor of Death (2): Going over everything in their preparations to leave the train once and for all, Boro asks how they'd be getting out only to be informed they'd be jumping out. Alarmed at the thought, Hwa Ryun explains how it all works and her words are corroborated by Evan when he arrives with Yuri.

Waiting at the door, looking down, Boro chickens out of jumping but Hockney reassures him that it was safe to jump down. Wondering who Hockney is, Boro introduces him and Koon muses on the fact that Rachel could be manipulating Hockney. Asking him to join their team and saying why they were waiting, Yura suddenly appears with a cloaked person. With Koon saying that they were waiting so they could take them out beforehand, Yura offers them a deal.

Taking the deal, Yura reveals to them about Team Tangsooyook's fate and also what she knew about the Thorn fragment. With Baam relieved, Koon feels something fishy about what Yura had told them and reasons this with Baam. Suddenly, Karaka appears and attacks before being affronted by an irate and confused Yuri. Confirming that Yuri had Hoaqin and Rachel with her, Karaka escaped with her and the cloaked person whilst trying to take Baam with him. Baam decided to attack but Evan managed to save him from Karaka's grasp just in time. Berating him for trying to challenge a Ranker, Evan looked back in shock at what Baam's technique was doing to Karaka's gradually disappearing shinsoo, wondering just what Baam had learned.



Blog Post

Sigh... Again, I can't seem to upload images on the blog... it's something I've felt while using,

but on my PC for some reason Naver Blog has a lot of issues.
I've been having strange problems since last time because of ludicrous errors (asking me log in when I'm already logged in...)
I've been writing these afterwords for you guys, but this issue is eating up my time At this point Naver Blog is slowing my work down...
ㅠㅠ This concerns me.

The request this week is from the user "25th Baam-sama":
Hatsu in that long coat from Goblin.
The request was more detailed, but I had to simplify it so ^^;
I see men in longcoats often these days outside so I was wondering why,
and it turns out the main characters from the drama Goblin wear longcoats.
But everyone... Longcoats are expensive, and you have to be tall and have a smaller face.
Why must you be in fashion long coat... I personally prefer padding.
Next week, I'll do a ranker cosplaying as someone else. ^^
(TN: Unsure what he exactly means, he said "다음 리퀘스트는 '랭커' 캐릭터 한 명을 골라서 코스프레 리퀘스트를 주시면 그려드리는 걸로 하겠습니다")

Regardless, this chapter's story in short:
lore about the Floor of Death.
The Floor of Death came to be known as the Floor of Death because an Irregular named Enryu killed the Floor Guardian there.
In the Tower, Guardians were considered immortal and invincible entities, but Enryu unprecedentedly killed the Guardian of the Floor.
As everything that was before became buried in the corpse of the Guardian, it became known as the Floor of Death.
Many rumours exist, such as "There is no Shinsoo on that Floor", or "Nobody lives on the Floor", but they're just rumours, and the truth will be revealed soon enough.
Ha Yura's hint is also a hint about the story in the future, but to what extant you'll have to see ^^

Towards the end of the last chapter you see Baam using the Divine Whirlpool technique for a bit.
Actually, he's only at the stage where he can only make and throw one Baang, and isn't at applying it yet,
so it's hard to say if the Divine Whirlpool technique is showing its full potential.
But its special property and its innate power is definite.
I mention this time to time, but if I had only studied as hard as Baam...

Over the weekend there was a fan meet up, and I visited for a bit.
I was concerned actually because it's far from my studio, but people
further away had come and I had a feeling everyone was expecting me, so... hahaha
Fortunately, many people greeted me there so I was thankful.
I'm not a Jakka with much to look at, so I have to make it short and quick to keep the mystery image up,
but I failed at that so I had gone to the after-party. Haha...

Actually, I considered the fan forum not to be any special community, but a free space for readers to gather around freely.
However, as time pass, I've realised that I've been gaining affection and good memories about the forum yet it's becoming ever so slightly insular, and that I should always watch that.
So if you are newcomers, I hope you guys contribute and take part of the community.
And I ask the fan forum to remember that the forum is not just for certain people but for all readers.
Of course, we also can't forget about the staff, who manage that space.
They are working diligently despite it being a really hard job.

Regardless, I was really thankful for all of you who showed up.
When I see all these readers in person, I am really thankful, yet I feel I am overwhelmed with responsibility, and yet as I drown in it I find encouragement and power.
So please, take part of the fan forum hehe I've noticed a lot of adults as well.

I managed to get a cold again... ㅠㅠ I'm suffering that.
I felt it coming along right during the meet up... oh dear... well, It's me and the cold this winter it seems.
You guys stay healthy, don't catch it!

Well, you guys have a happy week,
stay healthy,
and see you next week ^^

Thank you!


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