43F - Hell Train: The Floor of Death (1): Having learned to produce a single baang for Shinwonryu, a tired Baam then goes on to clear the 42F stage test using the skill he had learned. Koon, Androssi and the rest of their group also clear their individual 42F stage tests. Afterwards, Hockney reveals more harrowing information about the 43rd Floor (and himself) and asserts that he wouldn't be going there. Surprised by the news, Sachi and Boro discuss what they had heard when Koon and Baam come in. Elsewhere, Yuri and Evan talk about the dangers of the upcoming Floor. As the train enters the 43rd Floor, the lights outside dim to nothing.

Almost a month later, the train finally arrives at the centre of the 43rd Floor with its landscape terrifying the Regulars. Hwa Ryun tells them they had arrived and for them to get ready to jump as there wasn't a proper station there. Koon states that there was nothing there but Hwa Ryun explains that they weren't looking at the real 43rd Floor just the corpse of the deceased Floor Guardian. Meanwhile, Rachel and her crew also get ready to exit the train, with Hoaqin being told he could leave the train thanks the to the mechanics of the Floor.

Elsewhere in the train, Karaka comes across an impenetrable door, figuring it must be a hidden car, before getting ready to exit the train as well. At that, everyone gets ready to go to the 43rd Floor!



Blog Post

This week's request, from jypti97 is "Baam shaking hands with a polar bear in North Pole"

He had other requests for Rakoon, but it was pretty hard to put into one screen so I had modified them a bit ^^

The polar bear is a good symbol for winter, don't ask why, but it is.
It would've been nice if it came with a certain cola.
Next week, I'll take a request for a character besides Rak/Koon/Baam in a certain costume of your choice ^^

This week, we see a bit of Baam using the Divine Whirlpool technique.
I had to think deeply about the visual I wanted for the Divine Whirlpool,
and I, unlike how Shinsoo previously looked, wanted to go for a "light" based, or something primal...
Actually, Shinsoo itself was based on the concept that water is the source of life so it's an extension of the same idea, in a way.
And the Divine Whirlpool is not even in its final form yet, so you'll get to see it developed further.

Endorssi and Koon both developed in some manner, the details to be revealed in the Floor of Death. (Buy the previews..?)
Koon and Endorssi will both go through a lot of changes in the Floor of Death.
Taking the time I'm going to show lots of fun things.

We're finally at the Floor of Death.
Since this is the most important arc in the Hell Train arcs,
I wasn't sure if I should take a break prior, and I may take a break in between if needed.
It won't be a short arc.
The characters and clues needed for the story it feels like i'm throwing only bits at a time.
Unlike Name Hunt or Train City arcs this arc is important to the overall story,
And if the Workshop Battles tied up the first knot of Season 2, this arc ties up the second one.
As such I'm going to proceed somewhat carefully.
I hope you guys are ready for the story of the Irregulars, the Floor of Death, and Baam.
I will work hard, day in and day out.
If I feel inadequate I always want to make it up at least partially through effort... I hope.

In my personal life, I've been enjoying making rice over a cast-iron pot (T/N:instead of the quintessential pressure cooker)
I think I'm enjoying this too much... but it's so good...

Well, I hope you enjoyed this week's chapter,
have a good week, and I'll see you in the next one.

Thank you^^

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