42F - Hell Train: Wangnan (6): Koon realises he understands Baam's relationship with Rachel, before returning to training and over the next several weeks everyone trains hard. Wangnan reveals his change of alliance to Miseng and Cassano exits the train after coming to an agreement. After going through dangerous training, against the god of guardians' precautions, Baam finally learns a new shinsoo control skill.



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This is the afterwords for chapter 231.
I couldn't upload on the PC these days so I'm doing it on a smartphone...
It's pretty uncomfortable...
why is it doing this to me...

Well, it's 2017 so I drew the request in the spirit.
The request I picked was Anak and the Green April. Next request's theme will be on 'travel'.
Although I can't travel on foot, I can at least travel on a canvas.

Since it's the new year instead of talking too much about the specific chapter I'll have lots of side notes.

In the chapter, Baam learned the Divine Circular Flow (T/N: I'm assuming 神圓流[1]).
If I had Baam's ability to learn when I was a student...
Oh wait, does that mean I have to learn by getting hit with textbooks?

Regardless 2016 had lots happening.
Although with problems, the game was released and the preview services was released as well...
A lot of things changed for me personally.

I can't say everything went well, and there were lots of good and bad events, but I'm still drawing my comics, and as long as you guys are reading, that will not change.

If I had to describe 2016 as a flavor

I would say "bitter, after expecting something sweet"..?
But it still feels like I had a piece of candy? ^^
I pray for this year to be filled with sweetness.
(No, such years are impossible for me)

As I get older and become an adult,
I find myself saying lies I don't want to say,
and laughing when I don't want to,
but at least for drawing Tower of God
I will never forget the truthful and hard-working stance.

Well then, happy new year to everyone,
and let's work hard this year.
I hope you enjoy as always.

Thank you^^


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