39F - Hell Train: Wangnan (4): Baam asks the god of guardians on how to become a god, but the latter replies that he cannot do such a thing. With Baam readying to leave, the god of guardians figures something must of happened. Baam reveals what had occurred and the god of guardians tells Baam of a person he previously trained who wanted power to make everyone happy, but in the end he failed to do so. He then tells Baam to come back after cooling off and clearing his thoughts.

With Baam returning to his room, Koon tells Baam to say something the next time he leaves, so they can chase after him. Androssi then bursts in but immediately leaves again to escape Yuri's watchful eye. Koon then assures Baam that Rak, Yihwa and even Hong Danhwa were fine. Androssi suddenly teleports back into the room and frustratedly tells Baam not to get so upset because people wanted to protect him too, adding for him to make sure he stayed safe.

A day later, Team Baam pass the Entrance Test with Koon noting it was difficult without a Scout. Boro then asks how Team Tangsooyook were doing and Baam asked whether they should look for them, but Hwa Ryun interjected and told them it would be better for them to pay attention to themselves as the Floor of Death would be a difficult place to survive in, even with Yuri Zahard's help. Later, Baam gets ready to go back to the Rice Pot and sees Koon, Yuri, Evan and Androssi off. With Baam gone, Koon and Evan head off to do Lighthouse training while Yuri grabs Androssi.

In the Rice Pot, Baam reveals his intentions again and the god of guardians notes that while similar to Zahard's intentions, there was a slight difference worth banking on. At that, the god of guardians shrinks to his medium size and informs Baam that he will teach him shinsoo control used by the 10 Great Families.

Several weeks later, on the 40F section of the train, a chained up Wangnan notes the decrease in temperature before Rachel walks in and tells him to put on the warm clothes she had brought. Wangnan protests but Rachel notes that he should try to keep Miseng alive as the leader of their team. Wangnan comments miserably that he wasn't a leader but Rachel casually replies that he was quite depressed for an inheritor of Zahard's blood. Alarmed by her words, Rachel holds up his Zahard ring before revealing her knowledge of it and what it meant. Crying out on how she knew, Rachel reveals she is also an Irregular before asking Wangnan to work with her, adding that by finding and completing the Thorn on the 43rd Floor, he could find out a way to break Zahard's immortality. She then reveals the rest of her knowledge about Zahard's history and how it connected to the 13 Month Series and the Zahard rings, ending by asking Wangnan to join with her so they could change the Tower together.

Outside, a mysterious figure notes that the train had arrived.



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This is the afterwords for Chapter 229.
As you can see, I've gotten the flu ㅠㅠ
I barely submitted the chapter and spent the entire day nearly dead,
before mustering up strength to write the afterwords.
It's flu season, but didn't realize I'd be a victim.
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Because of that, I'll take requests until next week, but considering the season I think I'll have to switch the theme from food to Christmas,
so with Christmas as the theme I'll make a Christmas pic with the most requested male and female.
To be upload on Christmas.

I'm not feeling too good so I'll make this short.
Sorry about all this ㅠㅠ

This chapter is one of the most important turning points of Season 2.
A small bit of Wangnan's secret was revealed and a hint on one of the plots of the Tower of God...
Considering Rachel knows all of this something has to be behind the scenes ^^; I wonder who...
And Wangnan - Karaka relationship is becoming more curious.

If you've been reading Tower of God, you'd know officially, there is no prince who has Zahard's blood.
Formally, only Princesses who have been injected with his blood exists.
But besides whether Wangnan is really a prince or not,
he has something to do with Zahard for sure ^^;
As they're 'Princes' as stated in the prologue for season 2,[1]
The stories of those with the rings (Wangnan, Karaka, etc.) shall be revealed as we go on.

Baam, instead of going in the Steamer (t/n: My translation for the "Rice Pot" which sounds cooler) has begun training with the god of guardians.
I don't plan on drawing out his training too long so it should end in a moment.
The train is showing sequentially how Baam is becoming stronger
So this kinda thing will continue on until the end.

We have the face of the new character who will be showing up in the next chapter.
As he has a somewhat important role in the Floor of Death arc I hope you guys look forward to that.
This character will be a bit serious ^^;

This chapter has slightly different drawings from the previews and I added a few panels;
since I have a three-week term some chapters I edit before uploading.
Of course, they don't change much.
I hope that those of you who read the previews still read the main, it would be fun.

I don't talk like mentioning what's happening in the previews.
But I think we're picking up the pace in the previews department haha.
But for those of you who don't do preview chapters, I will avoid talking about it.

My head is spinning. I hope I didn't write anything stupid and worrying and eghhh...
I'm heading back to bed. At this rate, my next deadline may be in trouble.
I'll try to recover quickly and come back next week fresh and all.

Well then, everyone, don't get sick, stay warm and have a good week!
Thank you! ^^

[TN]: Korean side had a glitch where some of the panels were repeated.
It's been fixed, and SIU talked a bit about that.


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  1. Vol.2 Ch.00: – Season 2 Prologue; Blog Post
  2. Chapter Blog Post
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