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39F - Hell Train: Wangnan (1): With smoke obscuring vision, and Wangnan getting ready to catch Cassano in order to save Horyang, Hoaqin hollers that if they didn't reveal the password to the door, he would kill Prince and Miseng. Asking the two if that was alright, they reply it was. A flashback to the day before reveals how Prince and Miseng came to work under Hoaqin and how the two parties made a mutual agreement to aid each other. In the present, Hoaqin muses that the plan now rested on how well Wangnan did.

Elsewhere, Wangnan challenges Cassano and says he'll take back the devil he stole from Horyang. Cassano is humoured but Wangnan charges at him and stabs him with a syringe filled with a drug designed to suppress Cassano's devil. Ticked off by the action, Cassano begins to whale on Wangnan. Wangnan then reveals he had a pocket ball designed to capture Cassano, but the latter pins him and exclaims his desire to climb the Tower and save all abandoned children. However, Wangnan gives a scathing response that touches a nerve, eliciting a brutal retaliation from Cassano who beats Wangnan within an inch of life before Traveller tells him to stop. Getting ready to leave, Cassano then begins to succumb to the drug's effects before Akraptor suddenly appears and blasts Cassano down. Catching Cassano within the real pocket ball, Akraptor then hauls the severely injured Wangnan on to his back and heads off. As Wangnan wonders whether Goseng would compliment them on bringing Cassano back, he then tells Akraptor that he is actually an extremely remarkable person and he would one day tell him what type of person he really was.



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This is the afterwords for Chapter 226 ^^

The request was "Khun making chocolate for Baam"
. Well, if Khun's making food for someone,
I can only imagine its so he can poison someone... ㅎㅎ
This is how different Khun in my head and Khun in your heads is everyone!!
Next week, I will take a guy and gal in something winter themed.
If you let me know a character and the situation, I will try to do one of them ^^

Regardless; chapter 226.
We're finally looking at Wangnan again.
It's like Wangnan's big adventure haha.
Of course, the mood will shift a bit next chapter.

Wangnan is a unique character.
He has the personality of a traditional Shōnen protagonist, but compared to his personality, he's such a weak and useless character by those standards. ^^;;
But thinking idealistically I do want to see those kinds of characters have their big breaks,
so Wangnan's one of those characters.

If you think about it, a lot of the Shōnen genre subliminally reinforce how one's ability is all that matters? Haha.
In that regard Wangnan is a character that's really important for me.
Regardless of how he's received, I want to draw a lot through him.
Being too afraid to draw the things I want to draw is something I settled a long time ago as I drew Tower of God.
Of course, if many love and enjoy it it'd be nice as always.

It's really cold so dress tightly, don't catch a cold.
Will Wangnan be able to awaken Horyang?!
Will Hoaqin unintentionally become a good guy ^^;;
Check in next week!

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*nods in approval* 3/5 6 13.33%
*shakes head in disappointment* 2/5 0 0.00%
Not what I expected, not something I liked... 1/5 2 4.44%
Pokémon is for losers, this chapter belongs in the trash 0/5 0 0.00%



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