39F - Hell Train: The 'Name Hunt' Station (28): Karaka holds Androssi, Rak, Yihwa and Danhwa as hostages, as Karaka seeks a word with Jyu Viole Grace. Yihwa makes an extreme choice that alters the course of the battle between Karaka and Yuri.

After the incident, on the train, Karaka realises that his brother is alive.



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For today's request, since everyone wanted an Elsa of some sort..
I drew Yihwa because it felt like I had to today ^^; Yihwa uses fire but here, ice.
I was asked if it rains or snows in the Tower and it indeed does.

Next week I'll take a request related to chocolate.
If you want a character or a situation involving chocolate, I'll take one ^^

This chapter,
when I worked on it, it felt really difficult,
but since it was an action scene it actually doesn't have a lot of content.
(Emphasis on how hard I worked on this)
What became of Yihwa, Rak, and the swordsman...
I hope you guys be on the look out for that.

Since Yuri's from the Ha Family her speciality is close combat and physical damage,
but they do have ranged fatality moves like this.
I think this is the first one since the Espada de la Luz.

You see that Karaka's alive in the end.
I'm pretty sure you all predicted it, but^^:
Karaka would not start a full-out fight with Yuri without an insurance.
Karaka has the ability to be 'reborn' from a certain period.
The secrets of this technique will be dealt with more in a future Karaka fight.
It's a very convenient skill over all.

The identity of Karaka's room is curious as well.
How did Karaka get in here...

Karaka said something shocking in the end:
what will Wangnan's fate be! Is Wangnan not a dweeb!
Be on the look out for that. ^^;

The weather outside is getting only colder, but the candlelight are so bright.
There is nothing warmer than relying and trusting one each other.
The news may make life terrible, but I just hope that everyone lives on
with a little more hope.

for those who took that CSAT relax, you've worked hard!
I hope you guys get good results~!

Well. everyone have a happy week,
and thank you for stopping by this week too. ^^

See you next week!

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