39F - Hell Train: The 'Name Hunt' Station (23): Baam's words reach through to Kaiser while the Bia Twins flee after Kaiser's defeat. As bombshells are dropped in Baam's camp, a now unmasked Kaiser gets ready to present the Festival.



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For this time, I've drawn Kaiser(Elaine)...
I rushed it and she's a character I'm not too experienced with ㅠ
Next week I will take requests! ^^

We finally have the Kaiser's face and true name.
My concept for the unmasked Kaiser was a wolf cub.
She's over a thousand years old, but she's a 10 Family,
living in the Inner Tower, so age and appearance don't really correlate.
But most of all I hope that she has a childish purity now that her mask is off ^^;
Definitely hard.

Androssi's true name,
which Baam has currently, shall be revealed one day.
Not today, though. ㅎㅎ

We finally have something on Maria, Koon seems to feel confused.
If you guys aren't sure who Maria is,
you should take a look at Season 1's earlier chapters,
during the test ^^

Next chapter we will start to exit the Name Hunt Station arc and prepare for a new one.
I hope you guys are looking forward to it.

The weather's cooler now, clothes are getting thicker;
stay healthy, and have a good week! ^^

Thank you!

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