20F - The Preys (3): The chapter starts by showing a door to a room from outside. There are grunting sounds followed by unknown voice begging a 'devil' for mercy. The scene eventually transitions into the room where it shows Rapdevil covered in blood. Horyang (who obviously who beat Rapdevil up) warns both Prince and Rapdevil not to tell anyone about the encounter. Horyang takes the remote from Prince and takes over the room. While he does that, he muses to himself that the final outcome would be down to Viole.

The scene switches to the room with Viole, Wangnan and Lurker. The hood guy with goggles immediately escapes the room and closes the door. Lurker asks, "are you trying to get all of us killed?" when he sees Wangnan had brought Viole. They converse very briefly before Lurker suddenly makes a move, but Wangnan crushes his left arm instead. It turns out Lurker controlled Shinsoo with a controller in his right pocket. Wangnan berates Lurker for his actions and claims he will become King of the Tower and change everything for the better. Forgiving Lurker, Wangnan gives Viole his connector and tells him he "can finish this".

Viole connects the connector as Wangnan sits on a side of a bed. Beep sound rings in the background and a voice announces the end of the test, revealing that the winner was Jyu Viole Grace... and seven other Regulars for a total of eight.

The last thing shown in the chapter is a remote with two connectors with screen reading, "Ja Wangnan's connector is now connected".



Blog Notes

Webtoon came out early, so the review must be coming out early too!
That's your mistake.

After seeing the comments on the last chapter, I felt like I was receiving lots of love,
so it gave me lot of strength even as I worked all night.
I always felt meeting the deadline was a lonely work, but it looks like I was wrong, and you readers were there with me all along.

Of course I'm human too so sometimes I'll make mistakes...
and the thought that one day the love you've shown me will be replaced by criticism weighs heavily on my mind...
but I'll try my best to produce a great manhwa for you all.
Thank you.
My pen feels unusually heavy today.

I won't talk about this week's chapter because the explanations will be found in next week's chapter. ^^

There's a limit on Neighbours (서로이웃, Suhroiut; GoDai: Some sort of cafe networking thing SIU uses) so I'm planning to reveal my Neighbours information on the cafe.
Some of the info will still go around amongst Neighbours.
If I keep blocking I feel like I'll draw a line between me and the readers, so I think I'll decide which information to reveal then transfer right away.

I'll talk about some of the general information concerning Season 2 in next week's afterword.

Thank you.

Blog Post

I'm posting this because people seem to have misunderstood my intentions.
When Wangnan says that he would forgive Lurker in this chapter,
it's not because Lurker is a good guy or anything.
Many people think I'm forgiving Lurker by beautifying him;
whatever his past was, I had no plans to beautify his actions in any way.
The reason why Wangnan could not kill Lurker is that in the current situation where people must step on each other to climb up,
Lurker, who killed Nia "because he had to climb the Tower",
is a more "righteous" human being compared to Wangnan, who was trying to kill Lurker for "moral reasons".
That's why Wangnan couldn't him,
it doesn't mean he forgave Lurker because he's a good person ^^;
Even then Wangnan says he'll "forgive" him because Wangnan's trying desperately to keep morality alive in this utterly amoral reality.
Lurker has already abandoned hope in those morals and that's why he says "You can't forgive me" to Wangnan.
In the end, Wangnan says that if that's the case, he'll change the Tower himself.

Although this is information that will be briefly discussed in the next chapter, it is a part that many people are misunderstanding,
so I have written this on my blog in the fear that I may be sending the wrong message to young readers.

Every time I draw manhwa, there are many times when I feel the limits of my own skills of presentation.
I will try harder to send a more proper message, even if just a little more.

Thank you.