39F - Hell Train: The 'Name Hunt' Station (21): Seeing no alternative other than to head down the path Kaiser was showing him, Viole attacks and falls victim to her second hidden skill, her ability to switch places with Fenryl. With Kaiser resuming her Invisible Inventory attack, Viole begins avoiding the invisible weapons once more and, noticing his ability to 'see' the invisible weapons via the shinsoo surrounding them, he manages to catch one of the invisible needles, shocking everyone present. Reaffirming himself in his ability to break her attack pattern, Viole gets ready to counter-attack.

Meanwhile, in the wake of a powerfully destructive slash, Hatsu gets ready to properly take on Shilial Zahard with his un-ignited sword Donghae...



Blog Post

This week I didn't take any requests because I haven't been feeling good over the week.
Next week, I'll take one of the requests in the reply and draw those.
Sorry to those of you who were waiting.

In fact this week,
I was feeling so terrible and with stress piled up,
I mentally could not work properly.
The hospital said I need to first take emotional stability
so I took a day off to work but the deadline was getting too close
so eventually I spent the night to meet it ^^;;

So it doesn't look like I'm going to get better this weekend.
At least I met the deadline so I'm relieved.
But the next week's chapter is going to be a problem.

This week's chapter had some changes from the preview upload.
I think that had held up work on other chapters.
There weren't any big changes in the content,
but I tried to make the battle and dialogue flow more natural.

The fact that Baam is not only talented but talented in ways never seen before,
we get to see again from Kaiser what's been emphasised since season 1.
Like how he can see the Invisible Inventory (Although it seems visible to us).
Irregulars are wondrous to the average Regular.

Next week we will see the end of this fight.
And we have the name of Hatsu's new sword.
If there's a Suh'hae
(Translator Note: this is a pun: Donghae and Suh'hae each mean Eastern Sea and Western Sea)

Well, I'll think about it...

Overall I tried a lot of new direction,
I hope it's alright.
Here, instead of making Kaiser and Baam fight in total melee,
I had them fight a strategic long range combat before they go in.
I was concerned that it would feel too static.

In the Previews... Hm... It's the beginning of much chaos.
Approaching the climax of Season 2 it seems.

I'll leave it off here.
It went on for pretty long, but half of it was my personal life ^^;;
I don't even know what I just wrote.
Although I rambled on a lot I hope you guys understand ㅠㅠ

I'm gonna go to sleep early and try to regain my stamina.
Stay healthy, dress accordingly to the weather.
Stay happy!
Next week we'll see more motion, I'd think ^^

Have a good week.
Thank you^^

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