39F - Hell Train: The 'Name Hunt' Station (19): The confrontation between Jyu Viole Grace and Kaiser begins, both with lots riding on the outcome of the fight. As Viole uses high-level shinsoo techniques, Kaiser deploys her armament. Seeing the Slayer would not fall for her provocation, Kaiser releases Fenryl and succeeds on biting Viole. Inieta reveals to Koon Ran's team that the moment you get bitten by the wolf­ one will never be able to win against Kaiser.



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This is the afterwords for chapter 216.
This week's pic is Fenril (fresh from this chapter) and Hachuling who was requested..
I thought they fit well together but it's been a while since I drew him so I had trouble.

Fenril is a wolf and Kaiser commands it but as Inieta said it's different from the animals that Anima's use.
It is like a unique ability passed in the family.
In a way the Kaiser was born an Anima.
She doesn't need a Bowl so she can take other positions as well.
It's pretty handy in various aspects.
Of course, this is not an ability unique to the Kaiser.
It's a rarer family trait.
Of course, there will be differences in the animal commanded.

You guys may have a lot of questions about Kaiser's power level:
considering that she's from one of the 10 Families and had enough talent to be picked as a Princess of Zahard + 1000 years of training + OP items + home ground advantage,
she kinda has to be a difficult opponent.
Of course, Baam is also rather talented,
but the Kaiser was undefeated until now for a reason ㅎㅎ

Harvest Moon holiday's over, I wonder how you guys were.
I was working through the holiday do nothing was really different.
But the air around, it's quieted down from the holiday so I am a bit more relaxed ^^:;
So it was hard to keep myself working
But since in both the preview chapters and in the main chapters it's a bad time to fall out so I hope I did good.

Well now it's time for everyone to return to everyday life.
I hope your week is good, and without complications. ^^
I will pick up the pace as well..

Well, I hope you look forward to next week.
And keep guessing how Baam will get out of this problem.
Have a good week!

Thank you! ^^

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