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39F - Hell Train: The 'Name Hunt' Station (18): This is the two hundred and fifteenth chapter of Volume 2 of Tower of God.


Jyu Viole Grace finally faces Kaiser, both with lots riding on the outcome of the fight. Meanwhile, thanks to the abilities of Hwa Ryun, Sachi's group manage to find and retrieve the hostages.



Naver Endnote

Goddess Hwa Ryun...[1]

Blog Post


This is the afterwords for chapter 215.

For this week since it's Korean Thanksgiving I went with characters wearing hanbok.
I am accepting requests in the comments.

This week we had some excellent Hwa Ryun moments..
I wanted to do Hwa Ryun in hanbok but my wrist is not in a good condition
and it's a lot of work for just the afterwords
so I went with RaKhunbaam.
One day I will show Hwa Ryun in hanbok.

Hwa Ryun's abilities, since it was shown from the beginning may not look special
but in Baam's current party, besides Baam, she's the most unusual Regular.
Of course, she's disabled with Team Rachel due to Emily ^^;;
But considering that Hwa Ryun is the only Guide (besides Yuto) who is a Regular (despite having been disqualified on the Second Floor technically)
it'd be a waste of words to describe how rare the likes of Hwa Ryun is.

Guides don't simply guide the way
but they can find things hidden in the Tower or reading fates.
Solving complex puzzles or avoiding traps is easy for them.
However, since those abilities are outside standardisation, very few parties have them.
No matter how strong you are, unless you can shift the fate of the Tower you probably won't get a Guide..
Of course, each Princess of Zahard who becomes a Ranker under contract from Zahard's family get their own Guide(s).

Since Hwa Ryun looks so downcast when she's against Rachel's team ^^;;
This chapter, even though it doesn't have a lot of content,
I wanted to push Hwa Ryun as the main, risking mild controversy.
Since she's not a fighter it's not flashy,
but let's do better next time so everyone's happy... that's the idea.

To tell you what I'm up to personally...
Since Korean Thanksgiving is coming up and everyone's so giddy it was hard to actually work.
It was a particularly intense chapter (preview)
So I barely met the requirements, and I couldn't go home for the holiday. ^^;;
I call home often and I send gifts to make it a less burden of heart on myself.
I haven't even visited my parents for the last few holidays and they miss me.
So next year I hope to save up work so I can go down ㅠㅠ

Well, next week begins the mark of part one of Kaiser vs Viole.
This fight has a lot of scenes I want to try play out so it may be very difficult
but I'm doing all that I can, increasing my workload further.
I hope it comes out good because the experiences this chapter I need to be able to use for the upcoming arcs.
I can't do good all the time, but I can always improve, and one day I might actually become someone actually good at it.

Some of you ask me to talk about the preview chapters so trying not to spoil anything.
I wish I can finally draw it so that Kaiser's Inventory breaks.... hah.
Due to content I won't be able to say much next week ^^

Well, I hope you guys look forward to next week!
Have a good Korean Thanksgiving, have lots of good food, stay healthy and have a good week ^^

See you next week!


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