39F - Hell Train: The 'Name Hunt' Station (13): After being hit Yukan counterattacks using his toxic waste attack, ending up with his name stolen by the Slayer Candidate Jyu Viole Grace. Following Yukan's defeat, Koon begins to question him, as he reveals the only person who knows the path that leads to the Gallery is Kaiser’s most loyal servant... Alphine. At the same time at the maze at the third entrance, Xia Xia’s Lighthouse reveals Arie Inieta approaching. Koon Ran decides to face the swordsman alone while the infiltration team goes further down the road.



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This is the afterwords for Tower of God Season 2 Chapter 210 ^^.
Last week people loved Koon's suit so Baam's trying it out. ...
In reality even I can't tie my own tie. It's so hard for people of my line of work.

I personally want to show a lot of costumes for different characters
but since I don't take breaks frequently I can't always show them. :(
But I always wanna do better with fashion and accessories.

The Waste Human... doesn't spit just waste, but spits it through Shinsoo?
The entire Tower is filled with Shinsoo so it is everywhere but there is a difference
between natural Shinsoo and man-controlled Shinsoo.
And there are many cases where one uses their organs to change
the nature of their Shinsoo for tactical use.

This chapter shows Yukan, one of the 10 Bosses, being pretty weak,
but he's strong among the D-rank.
It's just that those on the train are stronger than the other D-rank and
Baam has a lot of good skills for the station.
In Baam's case, his build is favourable over Yukan.
But even without his build Baam or Hoaqin are freakish among the D-rank;;.

And another pair of OP D-rank characters Inieta and Ran are about to fight.
They both have their odd sides ^^;; but they are also similar.
Like their genius trope (Or their height?)

Well, I hope you guys look forward to next week,
stay healthy among the heat this week,
and have a good week! ^^ Thank you!


For the first time in a while, I'm hiring an assistant.
I need someone who will assist me in sketching/colouring backgrounds, editing,
among other works. If you are interested,

send there a simple profile and contact info(KakaoTalk), and a portfolio.
(This is not an email I regularly use so please no unsolicited contact please).
Depending on your workload or needs, I can take both a freelancer or a regular assistant.

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