39F - Hell Train: The 'Name Hunt' Station (10): The battle between Rak Wraithraiser and Arie Inieta continues, as Yeon Yihwa and Hong Danhwa intervenes. Inieta receives an unexpected power boost that grants him victory. Baam ponders what is to be a human and how he should be able to use his powers.



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Happy Moment of Hatsu's Family Before Entry into the Inner Tower.jpg

A lot of people were wondering about Hatsu's family...
This is probably not what you asked for, but I drew this.
It's been a while since Hatsu entered the Tower
so those two would have grown up quite a bit.
Since Regulars climb the Tower without their family,
they never get to see their family again,
if they're not a member of the Ten Families.
I think I should take some requests for pictures to accompany afterwords.
(But I'm still a bit cautious due to potential side effects)

This chapter... it was almost entirely combat scenes.
For Inieta, like I said last chapter's afterwords,
is an Arie (although not a direct blood) so he is naturally strong with a blade.
Even without it he would be strong, but if you see an Arie with a blade,
it's the logical thing to run away.

Rak has some sort of power beyond his specs.
Some POWER of wilderness... hmm...
Regardless, Rak's growth (Although pretty grown up as is)
I hope you guys pay attention to it.

The last conversation between Baam and Koon really shows the
difference between their perspectives.
For Baam, who always have been alone, it's difficult to deal with other people,
so hurting or causing misfortune on another is something he's warier than Koon is.
In Baam's case that can cause an emotional explosion,
but for Koon it wouldn't be as big of a problem.

Regardless it was a lot of trouble and a lot of growth in Tower of God.
I hope you enjoy next week too.
I hope you guys have a good week ^^ Don't get Monsoon damage, watch for your health.
I'll work hard in the heat and eventually bring back good news.
Be happy always everyone!
Thank you!

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