39F - Hell Train: The 'Name Hunt' Station (8): Androssi takes Baam and Khun to Leesoo's residence using Bong Bong. Lesso starts telling them about the situation they are in, and explain them that Androssi lost her name to Kaiser.

Lesso informs Baam and Khun that their plan was to use Baam to get Androssi's name back, but Khun tells them that they also need Kaiser's name, and given the context, they are competitors, not companions.

Baam has a conversation alone with Androssi, and asks her about the fight with Kaiser. Androssi tells him that there wasn't much difference between their abilities, but that Kaiser had a surprising power. Androssi tells Baam that Kaiser revealed to her that she is from a 10 Great Family and was supposed to become a Princess.

Khun states that if they want Kaiser's name, then it would be a competition, and as he prepares to leave, Hatsu gets in his way, claiming that if Khun wanted to leave the room, he would have to defeat him.

The focus switches back to Rak, who is facing Arie Inieta, one of strongest of the ten bosses. They start fighting and Inieta lands his first direct hit at Rak, resulting on an explosion that is seen by Yihwa and the Swordman.



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So they say this is the 6th year anniversary of Tower of God.
I usually don't follow any big dates ^^;;
But considering this is like my child I'm keeping them.
I distinctively remember the first chapters being released on a very hot summer.
Middle of University break, then suddenly I was contacted...
I didn't know anything when I started, and it's already been 6 years.
Even now I can't believe it. I'm not always well, but I always try hard.
I lack a lot but I hope for another good year __

So let's wrap it up quickly and talk about this chapter...
This chapter's got some vibes between Koon and Leesoo.
Although they're a pair of teams that are both a rival and ally, but portraying them
clash like this is a bit strange for me. ^^

Some of you are confused from Chapter 200 from what Chigrinski,
but the rule 'You cannot fight in the quarters' was just a lie to get Team Ran off guard.
Fighting in public facilities or hallways is forbidden,
but fights are permitted inside the rooms,
and once you have one of the names of the 10 bosses, you can fight anywhere.
I though that lacked explanation, so I added a bit in the last chapter too.
Next time I'll explain in a more reader-friendly manner. Sorry ;n;

Koon and Leesoo are both characters that use their heads,
but while Koon's specialised towards tricking and improvisation as well as being smart,
Leesoo is totally the academic genius.
In this Viole incident, Leesoo acted more like Koon ^^;; than usual...
Leesoo didn't like this plan that much either.

Regardless, there will definitely be a conflicted pair of sides starting next chapter.
Those of you who've seen from the previews would know,
but this episode/arc has a very compressed? feel to it.
As the multiple sides clash bit by bit, it will all lead up to the Kaiser fight.

Well, I hope you're excited for the next chapter, have a good, happy week ^^
Thank you!

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