39F - Hell Train: The 'Name Hunt' Station (2): This is the one hundred and ninety-ninth chapter of Volume 2 of Tower of God as well as the second chapter of The 'Name Hunt' Station arc.


Baam has a conversation with Khun and tells him about the Rice Pot, he says to Khun that he will go back to that place to keep his promise with the Guardian and finish his training.

At the entrance to the station, Ran's team is greeted by Hesse who tells Ran to give him his name, Ran engages in a fight against Hesse, who after seeing Ran's lightnings reveals his true form. Hesse explains that his body is made of dirt, and it's because of this special attribute that he was able to hunt the names of strong people, altough none from a Great Family, Chigrinsky explains to Ran's team how the station works.

After hearing the explanation given by Chrigrinsky, Ran wonders what is the meaning of stealing other's people names, expressing that there was no point on doing that. The fight ressumes and Ran consumes the Redan, surprising Hesse with his new speed, but he remains unharmed by Ran's attacks given that his body is made of dirt. After seeing that he wasn't doing any harm, Ran decides to try a new attack that he was developing. Ran uses the Maschenny's Style - Grand Espada de la Luz and defeats Hesse, stating that his name was too much for him to handle.

Kaiser can be seen, at the end of the chapter, after being informed of the news that a Khun regular defeated Hesse.



Blog Post


It's chapter 199.

Ran's done a big one this chapter.
I wish I had Gran Wrists or Gran health or something similar.

This chapter we have the main villain Kaiser make an appearance.
Since Hoaqin last time was so powerful,
he might not have as big of a name value,
but Hoaqin's defeat was more self-caused than from battle.
(Leaving out spirit powers and in equalised conditions,
Baam cannot defeat Hoaqin in a 1v1 match.)
This Kaiser is a quite powerful enemy too.
Not to mention his... bloodline...

To add to my last week's exposition,
Mascheni-style electric spears can only be used by Mascheni's children (1).
There are spells that copy it similarly,
but unlike Ran, it doesn't have the same reaction like the electric ball

Since it's forced, it's got a limit unlike that of Ran's.
At first, I said all of the Khun family uses electric attacks,
but I decided to scrap it because our Khun (Khun Aguero Agnis)
would be put in a strange situation.
It's said that although Khun's family normally uses spears,
but spears weren't AA's thing. But he can still throw quite nicely.
He' does lamps because it's cushy,
but even in melee he's top three in Baam's party.

Next chapter will begin the story of the Kaiser and the story at the Name Hunt Station.
It doesn't seem like much,
but it's closer to the main story than you think,
so I hope you pay attention to the next few chapters.
Of course, there will be other side stories as well so that will be fun too.
Thank you!

Translator’s Note:
(1)Descendents of Mascheni - Here, when SIU says Mascheni, she's most likely not the princess Mascheni Zahard, but likely one of Edan Khun's many wives, who eventually had Mascheni the princess that we've seen recently.


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