38F - Hell Train: Yuri Jahad (1): Yuri warmly greets Baam with the others visibly surprised that the (in)famous Yuri Zahard was standing before them.

Later on, Baam tells Yuri about the past few years of his time climbing the Tower. Yuri then asks why he joined FUG and Baam reveals that the whole ordeal on the Second Floor was a ruse by FUG to take him away. Meanwhile, Evan goes over to Hwa Ryun and say they need to chat, before discerning that she was acting as his Guide. Hwa Ryun confirms this and Evan asks who's sake she was doing it for, but she says she isn't doing it for anyone's sake as Baam was walking down a completely new path and all choices would be made by him.

Elsewhere in the train, Yura successfully teleports their team and Rachel explains to a confused Hoaqin about their current situation. She then politely asks for Hoaqin to become her 'subordinate', infuriating him, but she sweetens the deal by showing him Emile and telling him about its capabilities. Having made him ponder, Rachel asks that in exchange for the location of his final clone he go with her to the Floor of Death to retrieve a Thorn she could use.

Yuri muses on the thoughts that Yu Han Sung was affiliated with FUG and wonders if Evankhell was too. Rising up, she states to Baam that she would go to the Second Floor and sort Yu Han Sung out.



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Yuri, as explained by Koon... is one of the worst Princesses to bother in the Tower.
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She's the rising true power in the Zahard Family.
High Rankers after a while don't really care about the outside world. Because of all these Princesses, Yihwa is getting more rivals but it's alright because she's still pretty.

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