38F - Hell Train: The Dallar Show (23): With Baam exhausted from his fight, the clone comes down to congratulate and thank him for defeating Hoaqin. Daniel then hobbles over and asks if Roen was inside, but the clone tells him the upsetting truth. With the news, Daniel tearfully asks if the clone could tell Roen's spirit that he loved her too and to thank her for letting him live.

Floating above the boiling acid, the defeated Hoaqin reminisces to the time he encountered his father, Arie Hon, and told him of his ambition to surpass him. After showing him the Arie Family Altar, Hon told Hoaqin that no matter how hard he tried, Hoaqin would never surpass him here and if he wanted to do so, he would have to leave and return as a demon.

Suddenly, boiling acid bursts through the roof and falls into the arena, surprising everyone and interrupting Koon's interrogation of Rachel; Rachel then tells her opponent that FUG never had any intention of letting them escape. Ha Yura then shifts into action leaping up and getting ready to teleport away with Hoaqin and Rachel. As Rachel is about to escape, Baam calls out to her but she tells him that when they next meet they will be enemies.

Elsewhere in the train Yuri and Evan race towards Baam's location, having been given the directions from Pedro. However the journey would take them no less than 4 hours which would be too late. Just then, Evan realised there is a path to get to Baam quicker but it would put Yuri in danger if she attempted it, leaving Yuri with a question to answer.



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This is the afterwords for chapter 194.

This chapter is...
perhaps best considered as a stepping stone of sorts for the next chapter.
I was recovering from last chapter still, and I got a cold, so I had difficulties in working.
It might feel lacking but I did my best, so please be understanding.
I am actually blowing my nose repeatedly as I write this.

About Hoaqin's past...
He's cute, hehe, Hoaqin is hehehe...
And it's not a complete introduction, but we also got to see Arie Hon's backside...
I hope that's a lot of content you guys got, and not just my wishful thinking.
At this point Hoaqin hasn't become a Regular yet so he can't exit the Suspended Castle.
Most children of the 10 Families usually live in the Suspended Castles until they are chosen.
And if they're not chosen, they settle down in the Middle Area or help around in their clan's Suspended Castles...
Of course, they are discriminated compared to those who come back as Rankers or Regulars.

The Altar is something that the Middle Area's residents make for the Ruler of the Floor.
It's usually located at the highest point in the region, kinda like the Mayans hehe.
The main Altar for the Arie are much larger than the one shown in the chapter.
Although only 1 or 2 cuts use it, please thank Jukesoon(1) for the 3D modeling as always...
Due to the nature of Tower of God at time it can be very inefficient in regards to time usage ^^;;
The Arie Family will be dealt with more closely like the Koon Family, sometime later.
Please be on the lookout for that.

At this end of this chapter, Evan's question for Yuri.
It's a bit complex what he means by it.
It could be asking her to not go, it could be testing her.
"Guides only reveal paths to those who can walk it" they say, and it's true...
Yuri's choice will be revealed in the next chapter.

Be excited for next week's chapter, and have a good week! ^^
Thank you.

In the Tower of God game Team Sweat-and-Sour was added.
Check it here:

Translator's notes:
1: Jukesoon's presumably SIU's 3D modeling assistant. SIU has a few helpers every once in a while, he's not doing this entirely alone.
2: Game is only in Korean, region locked so only downloadable in Korea, and you must use a 3rd party source for getting this game.
Do NOT ask me how to get it, please search before asking anyone.
Remember not to always trust 3rd party sources, unless you know what you are doing.


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