38F - Hell Train: The Dallar Show (22): Yuri confirms Pedro's words then assures him that Baam would never die as it was his destiny to meet with her again. Meanwhile Baam takes the clone's power without any drawbacks, much to the clone's great surpise, and with it he gets ready for the next turn. From the sidelines, Daniel and Aka muse on Baam's nature noting that he was nothing like them.

With the next turn underway and Angel as the hostage, while Baam goes down to save her, Hoaqin questions the power Baam had just received, noting that he looked much lighter in comparison to his exhausted state moments before. With Baam successful and returning to the top, Hoaqin asks him if he really did take the power of the souls and Baam confirms he did. From the sidelines, Aka wonders if they could've saved everyone without anyone dying 600 years ago. We then see the scenes 600 years ago, when five allies resolved to seal Hoaqin away and Roen sacrificed herself to be the one who did so.

On the next turn, Miseng is chosen as the hostage and the submarine is released. Koon asks Rachel who would win and she says "her chosen sword" would. As the submarine reaches the 20 mark, the two combatants go down and begin battling. Hoaqin makes the first move but Baam bypasses the attack and lands a direct hit. Hoaqin retaliates in irritation but Baam bypasses it and generates an imitation of Hoaqin's sword out of shinsoo. Stating it was the power of those Hoaqin killed, Baam attacks with the shinsoo sword much to Hoaqin's great disbelief. The two trade blows. with Hoaqin angrily rebuking Baam for stealing his power, but with one final great slash of energy Baam ends it all and wins the round.

With Team Viole the winners, Aka tells Daniel that none of them regret saving him from dying 600 years ago because Roen died for him. In a final flashback, Roen tells Daniel that she loved him and thanks to that she would be able to sacrifice herself to save him.



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Since it's White-day(1) I drew White...

This was a greatly long chapter.
I didn't count but perhaps the longest in Season 2...
Considering all the circumstances... and keeping in touch with the world of webtoons,
I was under pressure if this was pushing it.

But more than what's practical, doing what I wanted as an author...
and the parts I was trying my hardest in:
I felt I needed to fulfill my goals of the parts I needed to learn,
and I had a feeling that that was a responsibility of sorts for me for the readers,
so I tried to contain lots of stuff in this chapter despite it being difficult to maintain.

Now I'm regretting it because I may have overdone it ^^;;
but at least I think I did better than my previous chapters perhaps.

So that's how it is.

*Below contains spoilers for this chapter


This battle, it's not so much as that Baam defeated Hoaqin,
but it's the counter strike from all those Hoaqin have sacrificed and gathered. As it is said this chapter,
the last clone is the embodiment of the lost souls' power and Baam merely borrowed it ^^;;

"To have someone's life be sacrificed is sacred,
and those who take it for granted and abuse it will fall from that power"...
That was kinda the message I wanted to convey.

Roen and Daniel's story... Hmm...
Actually many people may have differing opinions on that part,
but between being sacrificed and sacrificing oneself out of free-will in desperate situations,
I wanted to talk about the difference between the two.

But my skills aren't that high up so I'm not sure if that was conveyed well ^^;

The reason Baam could use Hoaqin's skills
was because the last clone is Albelda (Hoaqin's younger sibling) + the spirits.
Since Albelda has the blood of the Arie, the power of the Arie Family could be used ^^.
The old Baam, no matter how well Baam tries to copy it, can't use the Arie-style swordsmanship.


Regardless, the Hoaqin chapter isn't quite complete
And the next few weeks we still have more important moments so please keep an eye on that. ^^
Since this will be the prologue of sorts for another big arc, so I am excited for this too.

I drew three doodles because it's White Day
Well, I hope you have a sweet Monday~

Well, everyone have a good week this week,
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See you all next week!

Thank you ^^!

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1: White-day is a romantic holiday in South Korea, kinda like Valentine's day except with candy instead of chocolate.
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