38F - Hell Train: The Dallar Show (21): Yuri tells Pedro to reveal Baam's location, adding she would adhere to the rules of the bet, but he replies that the game was designed for Baam to die and for White to resurrect.

On the field of battle, the clone wonders if Baam wanted to be a hero and remembers what Pedro had told them earlier. As the third hostage, Akraptor, is chosen, Hoaqin rebukes Baam's words and actions and states he would settle things on this turn by going down as this was a battle of beliefs. As the submarine reaches the 20 mark, the two jump down. On their descent, Hoaqin berates Baam's beliefs and attacks, only for Baam to endure. Baam retaliates back with words and a powerful attack of his own, allowing him to descend further. Seeing this, Hoaqin acknowledges Baam's great potential and resolves to end him here and now by launching a powerful attack of his. As Baam realises he cannot evade this technique, the clone intercepts Hoaqin's attack with her sword and chastises him for his evil ways before revealing her nature to him.

The clone then appears in front of Baam and tells him that today is not his day for his beliefs to meet their limits before stabbing him in the chest and imbuing him with the power of the billions of souls gathered by White.



Blog Post


This chapter had a lot of twists and turns.
During the revision process, my tablet broke down and my computer experienced technical trouble
multiple times, so I had scrambled to get some tech support and redrew several panels. TT

I actually considered taking a break, but decided not to
since I resolved not to take a break until this episode/arc was finished.
I’ll try to fix it by midnight and finalize everything.
I know it doesn’t seem like much,
but it’s surprisingly difficult to do something week after week ^^

Like what was indicated in the raw, Baam dislikes using Han Sung’s techniques.
He likes to use Love's rather than FUG’s techniques.
Similarly, Baam doesn’t use Jin Sung’s techniques often either,
since most of them are used with the intent to murder the opponent.
As the episodes go on, the amount of times he uses FUG techniques will increase,
but the very fact that he used Han Sung’s techniques will give you
a hint of just how much Baam hates Hoaquin.

Hoaquin is an individual who has grown by devouring both his brothers and other lifeforms,
and he believes that was the only was he could become truly great.
As a result, Hoaquin is the direct opposite of Baam, who tries to save everyone.

In this chapter, the final clone has emerged.
In some ways, you can see it as Baam stealing the power Hoaquin has amassed.
From the very beginning, Hoaquin has been a difficult character for this version of Baam to defeat haha
I think the next chapter will be nearly the last one for this game ^^
The power that Baam has recieved from the clone will be the turning point.

The weather is getting warmer and the seasons are changing, so make sure you stay healthy.
I hope you have a great week!
Thank you ^^

ps. The new tower of god game is out on android.

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