20F - The Untrustworthy Room (8): This is the eighteenth chapter of Volume 2 of Tower of God. It is revealed that Lurker is more evil than first thought and while Wangnan is talking with Nia over the Pocket, Lurker kills him.


Rapdevil stands over Prince and sneers at him for not looking at the rules carefully enough. If he would have realized that, he couldn't have left his room without a team member in it. He continues by saying that the whole plan was orchestrated by Lurker and that the game's already won, concluding with the conviction that Lurker was far more evil than he initially thought.

Wangnan, Akraptor and Teddy have just captured two rooms and can see victory in sight. They call Nia to check up on him but instead find out that Nia was a mole working for Lurker, with the objective of failing the other Regulars. Even his first appearance was set up by Lurker Cash. Lurker Cash owned many of the restaurants in the area and could track down Regulars who skipped out on repaying their debts. The coupon, which represented Wangnan's conviction to pass the test and lead a content life with new friends, was a fake, just a tracker to find Wangnan if he tried to run. As Wangnan yells at Nia, Nia explains his reasons for doing such things and adds that he feels terrible about doing everything and greatly regrets making the Regulars fail.

Upon hearing this, Wangnan forgives Nia for his actions, respecting his conviction to protect what was precious to him. As Lurker grabs his connector, he is informed that his debt was not repaid and everything Nia did was worthless. As he yells at Lurker, Nia is brutally killed.



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Blog Post

The time that Webtoon goes up was pulled back a bit.
I'm more comfortable with putting it up by 12...
But I'm not sure how the readers feel about it.

Nia's betrayal had a lot of foreshadowing
So I'm sure a lot of people saw it coming.
I wanted the readers to focus on the drama surrounding the character of Nia
Rather than the foreshadowing or the twists...
so I intentionally put in a considerable amount of foreshadowing.

Honestly, after drawing a chapter like this, I get a lot of strain both physically and mentally.
Of course, the large number of cuts (pages) also play a role
But having to spend a week in a chaos of emotions makes me feel like I'm going crazy.
I'm normally the type to read over and think about what I drew before leaving work,
but I couldn't even look at this chapter.

Although I want to maintain a sense of objectiveness when creating the characters and story,
I too am a human being and get shaken up during emotional scenes.

Anyways, starting with this chapter there's been a few changes to the story.
This game has about 3 chapters left.

After, we'll see the hidden story behind Viole and this test,
along with the connection between the story from Part 1.
Even though this test seems like it's very trivial,
within the ToG World, this is pretty huge incident ^^;;
After this, the Part 1 characters will start to make their appearances,
and the scale of the story will start to increase.

So please enjoy the remainder of the story.
And take care not to catch a cold (I caught one ; ;)
And have a good week ^^



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