38F - Hell Train: The Dallar Show (18): With Prince rolling to his death, Baam waits until it reaches the 30 dallar mark before racing down to save his teammate, whilst Hoaqin watches bemused. With Prince saved, Rachel and Hoaqin backhandedly compliment their opposing members respectively and other people muse on Baam's actions.

Poro Poe then chooses a hostage from Hoaqin's team, Buelsar Elliot, and restarts the game with Angel desperately hoping that he doesn't die. As the Mad Dog rolled down the spiral, Hoaqin asked Baam if he knew what a "monarch" was before informing him of his past as the king of two lands and his subsequent plan that caused the deaths of nearly a billion people. Hoaqin concludes by saying that the birth of an absolute ruler requires many sacrifices and that because of this he wouldn't save Buelsar from death because he was only a disposable piece.

From the sidelines Sachi recognises that Baam's bloodlust was continuously growing whilst on the field, Baam angrily berates Hoaqin for his callous attitude.



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Hehehe, must have been difficult for Baam to say such things...

So Hoaqin's past of sorts was revealed.
It's a taunt, but also explains why calls himself "his highness", how his philosophy on king-hood works, why he wears a crown, etc.

Hoaqin's philosophy, I should call it?
It looks like a Machiavellian, medieval, and overall outdated,
but regardless of how one comes to power,
it's a problem that haunts all leaders in my opinion.

Regardless of what's right, I hope you see this as Hoaqin's personal philosophy, or a conflict point of the plot.
What's right is ultimately up to the individual ultimately.
Baam's angry, but he doesn't know how to argue against it.
Regardless, Baam's a very pure being in the tower, and as such react instinctively, "humanly".

Of course he's mad at Hoaqin more than usual partially fur to his own prior history.
It's a dilemma for sure.
It seems that both Baam and Yuri's getting heated, so see you next week.

Ps, I got no valentine chocolate, can I haz some trash ones?

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