38F - Hell Train: The Dallar Show (17): As Evan gapes at the power the mysterious last clone possessed and Yuri accuses Pedro, down below the clone declares her intentions to join the game and lend her aid to whoever she wanted. With Poro Poe accepting her request, he then revealed the last game for the third round of the Dallar Show: Go To Hell.

Poro explained the rules of "Go To Hell" with Rachel noting to Koon that the game was not suited for someone like Baam. With Prince the first hostage put into the Submarine of Death, the game gets underway. Koon muses on Rachel's words and hopes that the heavily conflicted Baam doesn't act too soon...

Up above Pedro admits that he was hiding something, revealing that the two white Regulars below were actually two parts of the infamous FUG Slayer White. Evan calls him out on the ridiculousness of the previous bet between him and Yuri, but Pedro coolly replies that it was alright and that the only people violating the rules of the Tower were them. Yuri reminds him that Princesses can stop Slayer-level FUG threats but Pedro retorts that even if they got permission to do so, it was impossible to contact the outside. However Yuri and Evan reveal that they had already received permission by using the power of the super Lighthouse, Opera. With the tables turned, Yuri then declares that she would crush Pedro and goads him into fighting back...



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Are you all enjoying Sul (1)?
Even today I’m busy with work ^^;
But tomorrow for a moment I’ll be able to visit my family (1 hour away)
Noways you can take your work anywhere!
I will be able to eat home-cooking for the first time in a while there.

This chapter, hmm...
I think I did a good job explaining it in the comic
But if you’re curious let me know ^^

(The points are + - of the initial with the opponents’ dollars,
regardless of the multiplicities)

If you fall you die, in simple terms;;

The next chapter will be more glamorous.
I will work harder as always.

You may have already seen the announcement,
But I will be attending the 95th Busan Comic World on the 20th(2)
If you come down to Busan, please say hello!^^

Eat lots of delicious food,
and enjoy your 5-day Eaweekend!
Happy Lunar New Year~(3)
And see you next week

Thank you!

Translator’s Note:
1: Sul is the Lunar New Year as celebrated in Korea. It’s this monday this year
2: for more info
3: Unique greeting that can’t be translate, something like “May you be blessed for the new year”, but sounds super awkward in English.

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