38F - Hell Train: The Dallar Show (16): The second round of the Dallar Show comes to a close and Hoaqin tells Baam to be prepared to die in the final round. We are then treated to a flashback when Boro and the others found out about Roen killing the Regular on board the train 600 years ago; Poro Poe had found Hoaqin's spell book. In the present Aka tells his regret of not sacrificing himself instead of Roen.

In the cage, Akraptor asks why Prince keeps looking into the darkness when nothing is there. Prince replies that he saw something, which looked like a pure white person.

In the core of the 74th motor section, the Regulars of Team Viole meet up and Baam informs Koon of Hoaqin's true identity as a former Slayer. On the other team, Hoaqin derides Rachel and Yura for coming back as losers, with Rachel recalling Koon's condition for continuing on with the game.

Up in the conductor's room, Pedro tells his opponent that the game would be ending soon and asks the Princess if she is nervous. She replies that she isn't and that she would kill him in ten seconds. Poro Poe gets ready to announce the name of the third round game but before he can, a mysterious floating girl introduces herself as Hoaqin's final clone. Hoaqin denounces her saying she looks nothing like his last sibling but she confidently replies that she was his last clone because of the tremendous power within her...



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This is the afterwords for chapter 187
This is the last clone.

This looks to be a new female character in a long time.ㅎㅎ
I hope you male readers welcome her haha
(The problem is she’s harder to draw than Hoaqin)
This clone is different from the previous ones.
How so, you should keep reading, but
Judging from Evan’s response it’s something serious.

The third round will be a bit scary.
To portray an interesting progression I am working hard,
So I hope you are excited for it. ^^

Recently many people ask me about my health
I am busy but fine and well. ^^ Don’t worry.
Soon I will visit the event(?) in Busan.
I will say more as details are confirmed.

Now, stay healthy everyone,
And everyone, I want to see you all healthy next week!
Thank you!!

Have a good week.

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Translator’s Note:
?: I’m not sure what’s happening in Busan, somebody else will have to fill in.

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