38F - Hell Train: The Dallar Show (10): David greets a confused Hoaqin while elsewhere in the pipes, Baam bends the rules of the game by forcefully restructuring the pipes in an attempt to find his friends quicker.

Hoaqin then slowly works out how David was able to possess Ja Wangnan's body by realising that Daniel had betrayed him. At that, David stabbed Hoaqin in the back, much to the latter's increased chagrin. Meanwhile, Aka Williams, his goons and Boro destroyed Anna's soul juice jar. Vicente and David take the advantage and, while Hoaqin rants and raves maniacally, Vicente cuts deeper into Hoaqin's neck. As it looks like it's all over for Hoaqin, he reveals that long ago he told them all a lie and that he was the only one who made a deal with the demon meaning the centre had been decided from the beginning. At that, Hoaqin merges with Vicente, David and Anna much to the confusion of everyone watching. As the smoke clears, a taller Hoaqin stands victorious and taunts Daniel for his actions.

With all the chaos going on, Viole races closer...



Blog Post


Last Chapter of 2015!
I tried to draw my best
But whether I did a good job with it… I don’t know.

Actually, I haven’t been able to work because I was ill for the last few days
Chronic intestinal inflammation occurs at least a few times a year...
But I didn’t want to take a break before the new year
So I drew with my dying breath...^^;;

Finally Hoaquin is becoming his final form.
He got taller, looks like he’s gotten a bit meaner too
No matter what kind of information comes out next week ㅎㅎ
I hope you enjoy them! ^^

It seems less and less people are reading my afterwords in the blog
But if possible I am planning on being persistent and keep writing them.
Some say it’s not the same without it ^^;;
Next year I might work harder and try other work(1) or update the blog more.

Well everyone, have a good rest of 2015
Always enjoy yourselves
2016. Like always I’ll see you next week.

Love you guys!^^

PS: I checked the mailbox and there were a few pieces of Androssi birthday art I never checked last week.
I am sorry. I will make sure to check (in the future)(2)

PS2: If you were picked for the event, please send me your address and phone number through email!
I will send them all next week.
Thank you.

Translator’s Note:
(1) It’s pretty vague, but probably within the webtoon scope.
(2) Added for clarity

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But... wait... what just happened? 2/5 0 0.00%
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Waste of time!! *flips table* 0/5 0 0.00%


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